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Second Helpings Alan Parkinson Geographical Association John McLaverty Oxfam GB.

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1 Second Helpings Alan Parkinson Geographical Association John McLaverty Oxfam GB

2 - Menu - Amuse Bouche: Geographies of Food Starter: Example activity from CPD Unit Main Course: Oxfam update Dessert: Some teaching ideas / group work Cheese-board: Feedback Liquers and coffees: Hungry for more ? Why not turn your classroom into a restaurant ?


4 Food in the Media Removed for copyright reasons Image of BBC Panorama Future of Food Jimmys Global Harvest Jamie Oliver Rotherham / USA Plenty of media resources

5 Vocational...

6 Last year.... food-security-workshop food-security-workshop

7 Online CPD on the GA website Two choices TDA FundedTLA Funded Food SecurityGeographies of Food

8 Teacher Learning Academy Level 1 Level 2 Write up the process of working through the units online, and using with students, and also discussion with colleagues... Check if your school has enrolled

9 Geographies of Food Eating is an everyday act which connects individuals with agricultural workers, commercial concerns, multinationals, weather patterns, financial markets, transport networks and world trade. It also reflects local cultural geography and changing social trends. Food insecurity threatens these connections, regardless of geographical location. As an aspect of living geography, geographies of food production and consumption allow for enquiries which explore the connections between young people and the wider world, and exemplify the concept of interdependence. There are also links with the growing trend for convenience influencing our actions, and the importance of decisions made by consumers.

10 7 TDA funded units now complete

11 Starter Activities from CPD Unit

12 Main Course John McLaverty

13 New on the Menu! Fair Miles: Recharting the Food Miles Map John McLaverty Oxfam Youth & Schools Campaigner: London & SE IMAGE from:

14 Kenyan beans = bad ? Locally sourced seasonal food = good? Food Miles or Fair Miles? Image by Alan Parkinson

15 Whats controversial about food? Controversial issues Deal with questions of value or belief – sustainability, livelihoods, economic justice, ecological space Have a political, social, economic and personal impact – on the lives of others, on ourselves, equitable, inequitable, global interconnectedness Arouse strong feelings – food security Encourage political and personal actions Adapted from Oxfam Teaching Controversial Issues 2006 p2

16 Whats controversial about food? John Berger writer, artist, political progressive, has written that – in these days – it is space rather than time that hides consequences from us. In other words, how difficult it is in our daily lives to remember the wider relations through which the green beans arrive on our plate Doreen Massey – GA Conference 2002

17 An exciting place to be – for learners and educators Food isnt a subject to be covered, its a process of change. The teacher doesnt know the answer Learning leads to real action, and real action leads to learning see Climate Change – the Educational Implications Tide Global Learning 2009


19 Smallholder? Farm Labourer? Subsistence? Market? Net buyer of food? Net seller of food? IMAGE CREDIT Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

20 Fair Miles – p. 17 IMAGE from:

21 Lifecycle Analysis English greenhouse ? Shipped from Spain? Image: Alan Parkinson

22 Room to move: Ecological Space and African Farming Kenya – 0.3 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year UK – 10.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year IMAGE from:

23 The Environmental Impact of Meat Production Image: Alan Parkinson

24 School Action – The Vegetarian Lunch What are the learning opportunities? Image: John McLaverty / Oxfam GB

25 On the menu soon – Land Grabs How food and water are driving a 21 st century African land grab Rich countries faced by a global food shortage now farm an area double the size of the UK to guarantee supplies for their citizens The Observer – Sunday 7 March

26 Resources 0207 802 9981 Oxfam Education - Fair Miles: Recharting the Food Miles Map (IIED/Oxfam–2009) The Global Food Crisis: Teaching & Learning Resource How food and water are driving a 21 st century African land grab (Observer – 7 March 2010) Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab blog -

27 Dessert

28 Global tastes changing... Not just in the UK

29 WRAP – Image: WRAP.ORG.UK

30 Feedback Sticky notes on paper plates...

31 Coming later this month to GEOGRAPHY journal... Image created using http://wordle.net

32 Acknowledgements Professor Peter Jackson, University of Sheffield - for asking me to write food article Ben Major for his work on putting the units on the GA website GA & other colleagues for their feedback on earlier version of resources Zynga for Farmville graphic All images by Alan Parkinson except for: Peas macro by Flickr user zaser Some images from Slide 2: Christoph Niemann Slides 10-11: NFU Slides 6/7/37: BBC iPlayer and related news agencies Wordle produced using (CC licensed) World Food Programme Ad produced by World Food Programme and sourced from http://osocio.org Slides 22-35 by John McLaverty, Oxfam GB Slide 38 from Some slides missing from this version....


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