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Welcome to Fifth Grade Back to School Night 2015!.

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1 Welcome to Fifth Grade Back to School Night 2015!

2 Who am I? I earned my Bachelors Degree in History from Azusa Pacific, Masters Degree in History from California State University Fullerton, a Multiple Subject teaching credential from Azusa Pacific and this year, I will be earning my Masters in Education with an emphasis on digital teaching and learning. This is my sixth year in primary education.

3 Who am I? Part II I am engaged to the beautiful Yesenia Guzman (also an APU alum and fellow teacher). I enjoy meeting famous people including: President Carter, Madeline Albright, William Shatner (see wall behind my desk). I have traveled extensively.

4 Curriculum Students will be challenged in all subjects through a professional and current curriculum. The curriculum will include Saxon Math, Open Court Reading, and Scott Foresman Science. We will also be reading a number of novels (TBA)

5 What will we be doing in class? We will be learning the core subjects such as Math, Science, English and Bible. We will also be learning about how to read, write and present ideas in an organized structure. Finally, and most importantly, students will learn life lessons as they relate to the Bible and other topics. Students will not only learn the information, but, learn the “why” and the “how.”

6 Grading The grading scale is an A-F scale (see student handbook for details). Students will be graded on not only if they answered correctly on a problem, but, if they truly put forth effort. For larger projects a rubric will be handed out to each student.

7 Homework and Late Work Homework will be given nightly in typically no more than 2 subjects (e.g. Math and History, etc.). This does not count long term assignments or projects. No late work will be accepted. Any late work will receive a ‘0’ in the grade book.

8 Rules of the Road 1. Come to class on time and ready to learn. 2. Pay attention and be respectful to the teacher and each other. 3. Follow all directions. 4. Do you work and turn it in on time.5. Be respectful and participate always and often. Please follow your student’s progress on classroom dojo.

9 Consequences 1. Warning 2. Point removed from Class Dojo (loss of privileges) 3. Office 4. Phone Call Home/Meeting with Teacher Check your student’s daily progress on classroom dojo!

10 Projects All projects given will be given with significant advanced notice. Book reports will have at least 1 month or more advanced notice prior to a due date. Each project that will need to be worked on at home will come with clear and concise directions and instruction, and I will be available for questions.

11 Contact Information Please feel free to email me at from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays, I will not be able to reply to emails on the weekend. I will be updating the website regularly so please check out our page at

12 Questions? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????!

13 Thank you for coming this evening! I look forward to partnering with you to help your student do great things and learn and grow throughout the 2015/2016 school year! Drive Home Safely and we will see your student in the morning!

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