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Sarah Dooley BSc MRM Hons AIEMA Development Manager Wind Prospect.

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1 Sarah Dooley BSc MRM Hons AIEMA Development Manager Wind Prospect

2 Content Degree Getting a Job Wind Prospect My Role Future Prospects How My Degree Helped Would I Do Things Differently? Advice Questions

3 Degree 1999 – 2003 Marine Resource Management, Land Economy Department Specialised in Environmental Issues – Marine & Environmental Management Dissertation on offshore wind energy developments Work experience – BWEA, 2003 Graduated 2003 with 2:1 Honours Degree

4 Getting a Job Began applying for jobs as soon as final exams finished Invited to three interviews (SNH, SEPA & Wind Prospect) Wind Prospect interview – 120 applicants, short listed 4 for interview Started work 4 weeks after my last exam, before graduation

5 Wind Prospect Specialisms: –Development –Construction –Operations 90% planning success rate in the UK Company Growth: –2 in 1997 to 70 in 2006 Offices: –UK (7) –Ireland –Australia (2) –New Zealand –Canada –China –Hong Kong

6 Initial Duties Development Officer –Site Assessment –Site Visits –Planning Application Forms –Production of ES Figures –Organisation of Public Exhibitions –Consultation with the MoD & Telecom Operators

7 ES Figures – Examples



10 Additional Duties Walkway Wind Farm Planning Application –Management of consultants –Budget management –Production of the ES text and figures –Submission of the planning application –Meetings with planning officer & local organisations Consent granted February 2005 Fastest determination of a wind farm planning application in the UK to date – 4 months

11 Job Swap Brisbane…!?

12 Brisbane

13 Working Life in Brisbane 3 months work –New South Wales Site Visits –China Site Finding –Wind Diesel in Malaysia –New Zealand Site Assessments 1 month holiday

14 Development Manager Promotion to Development Manager, January 2006 Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm –13 turbine development in Clackmannanshire –26 MW –Application submitted April 2006, consented March 2007 –Application straddles two local authority boundaries Associate membership of IEMA obtained September 2006

15 Future Prospects Burnfoot Hill post consent work – legal agreements, discharge of planning conditions etc. More onshore sites up and coming Opportunities within other Wind Prospect offices Opportunities to diversify –Wind Direct (Small Scale Direct to Industry) –Ocean Prospect (Wave & Tidal Energy) –Carbon Prospect (Biomass)

16 How my Degree Helped Aberdeen University Computer Literacy Geographical Information Systems Environmental Background Knowledge of Renewables Scottish Planning System Dissertation Subject Communication Skills

17 Would I Do Things Differently? No! Great job Good benefits Future opportunities in a growing market Right Place, Right Time!

18 Advice Speculative applications Read other peoples CVs, they might remind you of something important you have forgotten Include your school exam grades on your CV (e.g. Highers/A Levels) Do some work experience Keep applying

19 Questions

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