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Application by Enertrag UK to site a windfarm between Weston and Sulgrave.

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1 Application by Enertrag UK to site a windfarm between Weston and Sulgrave

2 Background Sulgrave PC were advised two weeks ago by letter that Enertrag UK wish to erect a wind farm on land between Sulgrave and Weston Since then we have established that an application was made to South Northants District Council on 15 th May seeking a request for a Scoping Opinion for A Proposed Wind Farm Site at Weston The Scoping opinion is unlikely to be refused. It is a first step in preparing a full planning approvals application Now Say 3 rd Qtr 2010

3 About Enertrag UK Enertrag UK is jointly owned by Enertrag AG (Germany) and Prokon Nord (Germany) The company has over 500 Turbines throughout Europe The Company mission is the development of renewable energy projects Enertrag UK has a number of wind farm projects in the UK. Their first windfarm project was at North Pickenham, near Swaffam, Norfolk where they erected 8 turbines in 2006, producing 44GWh of energy in the first full production year (equates to 9,300 average households) For more information go to

4 The Proposal The proposal is to erect 9 wind turbines on land between Sulgrave and Weston 6 of these are within Sulgrave Parish Boundary, the closest unit will be 750m from Little St. The Turbines are 130m high and will generate between 1.8 and 2 MW each Conceptual Illustration

5 Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Statement Consultation will be part of the Environmental Impact Assessment. Once the application has been submitted for a Planning Application there is limited time available for public consultation At a recent planning committee meeting each party was are allowed 3 minutes to make their case. Participation in the consultation process needs to take place during the Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure all views are fairly represented in the Environmental Statement. Copies of the Enertrag Document Information – Frequently Asked Questions have been requested and should be available for distribution at this meeting. It is not unknown for views to be mis-represented

6 The Project Construction normally takes 6 – 9 months. The Turbines have a 25 year life. In addition to the turbines, service roads need to be constructed. Access roads will be required for heavy construction traffic. Enertrag UK have invited Parish Councils and other interested parties to visit their site in Norfolk on Friday 19 th June for an Open Day – interested parties need to contact the Entertrag Project Manager

7 Other recent applications in Northamptonshire In 2007 an application was made to site a Wind farm in a triangle of land between Woodford Halse, Charwelton and Preston Capes A planning application to Daventry Council to erect a meteorological Mast for the environmental study was refused. Reasons Stated were Health and safety risk to aircraft and Within special landscape area A Village Action Group website at gives more

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