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The Repositories Support Project (RSP) JISC e-Science All Hands Meeting Sept 2007 Gareth J Johnson.

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1 The Repositories Support Project (RSP) JISC e-Science All Hands Meeting Sept 2007 Gareth J Johnson

2 RSP Series (Part I) 1 st OF 3 RSP talks (1) RSP & Open Access (2) The Depot (3) OpenDOAR & RoMEO/JULIET services Later talks will look at The Depot interim central repository Open access and retain author rights Deciphering funding body OA mandates

3 Traditional Publication Personal academic effort lost No tangible reward for research publication Loss of IPR to institution through copyright gifting Publicly funded research not publicly accessible Potential readership limited by economics Research inaccessibility Communication lag Authors are willing to use repositories 79% would deposit willingly if required to do so

4 Open Access Landscape Open Access Open Access Journals Open Access Repositories Data Providers and Service Providers Repository networks Funders mandates Publisher activities More of a mainstream activity

5 Benefits of OA Authors Speed of research dissemination & use Conducive to improved citations & accessibility Decreased plagiarism risk Institutions Facilitates use & re-use of information assets Raises profile and prestige of institution Potential for value added services Research community Avoids unnecessary duplication Preservation & long term accessibility Society Publicly-funded research publicly available

6 Institutional Repositories Digital collections that preserve and provide access to the intellectual output of an institution. Contents freely available to all Encourage wider use of open access information assets Contain a variety of digital objects e-prints, theses, e-learning objects, datasets etc Practical reasons Use institutional infrastructure Integration into work-flows, systems and practices Support is close to academic users and contributors Longevity concerns over some SRs

7 Need for Support Dealing with author concerns What about quality assurance & peer review? If its freely available, what about plagiarism? What about commercially or sensitivity material? Subject base more natural? Threat to journals? Dealing with repository administrator concerns IPR & Copyright Technical & software issues Policies & workflow Isolation & training needs

8 RSP Aims More… repositoriescontent use of content re-use of content Support repositories to be fit for purpose, Standardised and Sustainable

9 Whats on Offer? Repository establishment Technical Support DSpace & ePrints High-level advocacy Presentations / materials aimed at senior managers Grassroots advocacy Presentations / materials for researchers / teachers Encourage use Presentations / materials for researchers / teachers Encourage re-use Presentations / materials for service providers Repository Administrators Support to run repositories (e.g. preservation) High level representation Funding councils / publishers etc

10 Current Support Activities Outreach events planned for 07/08 Primary focus on practical advice and support Professional Briefings & Workshop Events Enquiry handling for HEIs Welsh-specific work All HEIs had on-site meeting with RSP staff Welsh repositories committee continue to meet Technical support Repository surgery events DSpace and EPrints demonstrator sites

11 Website Resources

12 Remember As an academic The OA issues & ongoing debate Your rights w.r.t. your research publications How OA-IRs metrics may be used in the future The advantages IRs offer to your research Your IR and local support (of The Depot) As an administrator The issues & institutional advantages Your IR & institutional community support needs The national and bespoke support available

13 Gareth J Johnson

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