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Govan High School Uniformed and Emergency Services.

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1 Govan High School Uniformed and Emergency Services

2 TimeActivity 2 @ 50 minutesPE (Unit 2) plus additional courses in: First Aid, Sports Leadership and a Badminton Qualification 2 @ 50 minutesVisits and paperwork 1 @ 50 minutesPaperwork Course will last for 1 year, it will be a practical course and use ICT. The course is open to pupils beyond S4 Course Structure

3 Unit 1,3 and 4 are taught by R Coates, Unit 2 by L McNaught (PE) The course has been structured with a main project (PowerPoint) and additional worksheets and is mostly done using ICT. Pupils email their work to the teacher. The whole course and all the associated notes are available to pupils on the ICT system Pupils can check their progress at any time Pupils can work at their own pace

4 Term 1 Tried to catch the pupils imagination and interest by making Term 1 as practical as possible and involving as many partners as possible Visits from Police, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, Army, Fire and Rescue, St Andrews Hospice (Healthy Lifestyles) Visit to: HMS Edinburgh

5 HMS Edinburgh

6 Term 2 This term is being used as an opportunity to catch up with the paperwork and complete the addition qualifications in PE Pupils will complete unit 1 and 3 and continue with unit 2 Visit to Cowcaddens Fire Training Centre (whole class attended on an in-service day) First Aid Badminton

7 In the Sewers The Tunnels

8 Term 3 Pupils will complete unit 2 and 4 Visit to Cowcaddens Fire Training Centre (passing out parade) Visit to Police Training Centre Additional visit TBC from Coast Guard, Army, Ambulance Service

9 We have 2 Main Partners: Fire and Rescue Strathclyde Police

10 Main Partner 1 - Fire and Rescue Fire 1Pupils shown round Fire Appliance and Mobile Chemical Lab Fire 2Team work – running hoses and fitness Fire 3Team work – running hoses and fitness Fire 4Visit to Cowcaddens Fire 5Visit from HR department Fire 6Visit to 999 Centre Fire 7Passing out parade at Cowcaddens with invited Guests and Parents (lunch will be provided)

11 Fire and Rescue


13 Main Partner 2 – Strathclyde Police Police 1Mock Interview – Police office interviewed for their job by the class Police 2Planned to visit Police Training College Police 3Talk on Diversity within the police Police 4Conflict Scenario Police 5Recruitment

14 Comments from some of the students who took part in the many varied activities: Samantha from the blue watch said it was amazing and I love the practical aspects of the course. Kris from the Green Watch said I would like to become a Fire Fighter now Andrew from Red Watch: I had a lot of fun working with the army on team building exercises Connie from Green Watch: I now know what I want to do when I leave School – I am joining the Police Force Jordan from Red Watch said I really enjoyed the Physical Activities and the First Aid Course

15 What is going well The class has gelled as a team

16 What I will do Differently? Assessment – can this be reduced? Look for ways of getting some of the Unit 4 work done by using some of the teamwork done in Unit 1 and from the relationship with the main partners Planned to get uniform for the physical activities but was unable to get funding


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