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Network Event HNC/D Business 5 th February 2013 SQA Update.

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2 Network Event HNC/D Business 5 th February 2013 SQA Update

3 SQA Update – QST (1) Role of QST - to support SQA Officers with: - subject specific knowledge/guidance - expertise in delivery and assessment - review feedback from centres (Units, AEs etc.) - project developments/updates In summary, the QST are an independent group of FE practitioners whose aim is to effect ongoing improvements to our HN portfolio and ensure standards associated with delivery and assessment are understood

4 SQA Update – QST (2) QST met twice in 2012 - 1 May & 25 October 2012 Membership: - Marian Forgan, Perth UHI & Moira Winning, Anniesland College - Catherine Mancini, Ayr College & John Ogden, Edinburghs College - Alison Hamilton Edinburghs College, & Lynne Gorman, Langside College (Gavin Rees, Stow College) QST Action Grids on HN subject pages - subject specific information

5 SQA Update - Statistics Uptake of HNC/D Accounting, Administration & IT and Business remains high (top 10 each year) Statistics for HN Graded Units 2011 & 2012 Factors to consider: - introduction of new Group Awards - change in cohort - changes in delivering centres/recruitment/staff - nature of the subject - type of assessment

6 SQA Update – other issues Consultation questionnaire for centres and candidates May 2012 Prior verified assessments (on secure section) HN Subject pages - Arrangements Documents - Feedback Forms (Unit specifications) - Feedback Forms (Assessment Exemplars)

7 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (1) Delegate contribution forms used to inform the Workshop discussion sessions Response rate low Mix of fairly vague and very detailed comments Some conflation of Unit spec and Exemplar Common themes emerged: - Graded Units - Integration of Assessment

8 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (2) Economic Issues: An Introduction F7J8 34 (Content too heavy) - 3hrs per week 12/13 week block challenging - Significant amount of theory but not in depth - Not equivalent of 2 credits - 1 HN Credit = 8 SCQF credits = 40 hrs notional class contact time + 40 hrs self directed - Centre management issues do not influence credit rating (Timing of O1&2 assessments too short) - Timings are provided as guidance only

9 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (3) Economic Issues: An Introduction F7J8 34 (Word Counts too low) - Word counts are provided as guidance only (Solutions not specific/detailed enough) - There is no definitive correct response - Specimen answer will inevitably rule out some valid responses and risks creating something unattainable - Professional Judgement will always be required (Re-sit within Exemplar for O3) - O3 is open book so remediation applies - Two alternative Qs for this Outcome available

10 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (4) Economic Issues: An Introduction F7J8 34 ( Appendix required for O3?) - An appendix is not mandatory. It is mentioned in the Exemplar as a suggestion of how candidates could manage their evidence (Error in Exemplar diagram for O3) - Diagram skewed due to formatting - Not fundamentally related to the subject matter - Changes to Exemplars can be made where errors identified within centres or to enhance - Changes to Exemplars must be recorded via Internal Verification

11 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (5) Business Accounting F84M 34 (O2 should be moved to become O5) - Centres can deliver Outcomes in any order (Appropriation a/c in Exemplar solution but candidates not asked to prepare one in question) - One way of assessing but not mandatory - Appropriate tends to be intergral to TPL & Balance sheet Financial Sector: An Introduction DE5M 34 (Assess via portfolio rather than case study) - Unit almost 9 years old (old unit template) - Case study approach implied but not mandatory

12 SQA Update – Delegate Feedback (6) Business Graded Unit 2 F8LE 35 (Resubmissions/Late submissions – capping of marks?) - No SQA policy rule exists to cap marks - Judgement should be used to exercise discretion to ensure fairness to all candidates - Recommend candidates only revisit deficient areas not wholesale resubmissions to upgrade - Weaker candidates not likely to improve hugely - Guidance statement on Understanding Standards GU2 2004 Marking Guidelines


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