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Chapter 18: Basic Spreadsheet Skills

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1 Chapter 18: Basic Spreadsheet Skills
Spreadsheet programs enable you to accomplish many tasks, such as accounting, keeping track of grades, cataloging your DVD collection, or listing a club roster. This chapter covers the basics: Spreadsheet essentials Columns and rows Headings and labels Selecting data Working with cell data Cell formatting Computer Literacy

2 Introduction Understanding s______________ Working with Cell Data in r_____ and c________ Formatting c_____ All Spreadsheets Are Not Alike

3 Understanding Spreadsheets
Columns and Rows Just like in Chapter 16 Whole spreadsheet rather than table in a Word document Cells labeled by c______ and r___, such as B1 or C12

4 Headings and Labels Column h_______s Row l________s
Descriptive words or numbers No “heading row” like in Word Row l________s Like column headings Can be words or numbers The reason for no heading row is that there’s no single page break in a spreadsheet program. The spreadsheet can just go on and on and on. This question might come up because the students will have completed Chapter 16 recently.

5 S_______ D___ Click to select a cell Click row n______ or column l______ to select r__ or c_____ Click and d___ to select multiple cells Click and d___ row n_____ or column l_____ to select multiple rows or columns Click blue r________ at top left to select a__

6 Working with Cell Data C___ and t___ to enter data C___ and press [D_____] to delete cell contents D_____-click to select cell contents Click and press [__] to edit or add to a cell

7 Filling in Series Data Select a series of cells
Grab the f___ h______ and d___ Drag d___ or r____ to __crease numbers Drag u_ or l___ to __crease numbers Drag dates, days, months, numbers If you grab the fill handle and drag random data, like a person’s name or a combination of letters and numbers, Excel will simply duplicate the data.

8 Inserting and Deleting
Select a row or column Insert Go to H___ | I_____ Or r____-click and select I_____ Delete Go to H___ | D_____ to delete Or r____-click and select D_____

9 Inserting and Deleting Cells
Inserting or deleting s_____ other cells Need to determine where to shift so your data still makes s____

10 Adjusting Width and Height
Can adjust both column width and row height Click and d___ on the d_______ l___ b_______ columns or cells

11 AutoFit AutoFit makes rows and columns m____h their c______
Home | F_____ | AutoFit Column Width Home | F_____ | AutoFit Row Height

12 Keeping Visible Sc_____g h____s column headings and row labels
Freeze to k___ v______ Select r__ b____ Go to V___ | F_____ Panes | Freeze Panes

13 Formatting Cells Numbers C______ Date and Time D_____ places
Using c______ C______ Select m_______ format Date and Time

14 Cell Shading Apply c____ to any b_____
Right-click column or row and select Format Cells F___ tab Or use the Fill Color button on the Ribbon

15 Cell Borders Add and format b______
R____-click and select F______ Cells Border t__ Or use the Borders button on the Ribbon

16 Aligning Cell Contents
Default alignment Numbers are r____ aligned Text is l___ aligned Use the Left, Center, and Right buttons on the t______ Or, use the Alignment tab in the F_____ C____ dialog box

17 A________ Tab Controls h_______ alignment Controls v_______ alignment
Can w___ text within a cell Can m_____ cells Other fancy tricks

18 C___ Styles Excel comes with p_____ Cell S_____
You can also create c_____ Cell Styles

19 T____ Styles Excel comes with p_____ Table Styles
You can also create c_____ Table Styles

20 All Spreadsheets Are Not Alike
Clearly l_____ rows, columns, worksheets Make sure data is accurate

21 Summary Understanding Spreadsheets Working with Cell Data in Rows and Columns Formatting Cells All Spreadsheets Are Not Alike

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