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Agresso User Forum Friday 16 th November 2012 Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre -105 11:00am to 13:00pm.

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1 Agresso User Forum Friday 16 th November 2012 Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre -105 11:00am to 13:00pm

2 Agenda Purpose of Forum Support Current Service Level Agreement Support Desk Response Times feedback Top 10 - Most common calls into the desk Web Server Training Training courses update by Ian Brown Training requirements New Training Manuals and Webpage development Section Update Systems Support & Development workload update Information on Agresso 563 Upgrade New Screens and Process updates. Day-to-day user issues Update of notes from last meeting General User problems and issues feedback Any other Business Ian Brown – System Support Stephen Allan – System Support Alison Graham- Accounts Payable Claire McCallum- Procurement Agresso Purchasing Officers Attendees

3 Please sign the attendance sheet being passed about Presentation and Minutes will be published on Website If you could mention your name when giving any feedback Try not all talk at the same time Forum should not last longer than 2 hours – hopefully Helpful Information

4 To engage and communicate with Agresso users who use the system on a day-to-day basis. Allows Feedback from Agresso Users who use the system on a day-to- day basis. From the feedback and recommendations of the Forum, the Systems Support and Development Section (SSD) can support the users to improve the system. The meeting also allows the attendees to be made aware of any forthcoming developments or system related issues from the SSD Section Purpose of Forum

5 Agresso Support Desk All e-mails submitted to the desk are given a call number, prioritised and allocated to a member of the support team. The support desk is manned from 9am till 5pm (Monday-Friday) The current SLA (Service Level Agreement) for calls is - – Calls received by 12noon will receive a response by 5pm – Calls received after 12noon will receive a response by 12noon the following day. This is a minimum standard and calls are normally answered more quickly than this. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) YOUR FEEDBACK Support

6 Top 10 Calls into the Supportdesk 2012 Forgotten Username/Password Website Access Substitutes Update Project Approver Workflow Status Query Update User Forms Closing/Deleting Tasks Closing/Re-Opening Orders New User Requests Access to Account/Cost Centres/Projects Support

7 Web Server Issue Support Web Server Running Slow Web Server Not Working Agresso User Web Server 1 Web Server 2 Agresso Database Agresso will connect you to a Web server which in turn will connect to the Agresso Database Web Server may have a problem so not all users affected System support can fix problem by resetting server Fixing server can knock people out of Agresso

8 Web Server Issue -Solutions Support New upgrade to Agresso 563 will move us onto Servers with up-to-date software - Windows 2008 – 64 bit operating system In spring 2013 we will be increasing the amount of web servers from two to four

9 Training Courses Web Requisitioning Training Purchasing Officer Training Short Enquiries Course Full Enquiries Course Option to add online courses Training

10 Can be School/Subject/Department focused Can be process focused (E-Procurement, Purchase Cards, Enquiries), or can be condensed Purpose Built Courses Design Specific Courses Gather Information from Users to go over on day of training. Can organise Venue, Trainer, Materials. Agresso Training Training

11 Training Manuals All Training Manuals and Videos have been updated for the Agresso 563 Upgrade New processes or changes will be emailed to you over the weekend 17 th /18 th November Web pages will be updated with Agresso 563 information Example of new training web pages as requested by User Forum Training

12 New Pre- Award & Post Award Research System Upgrade to new Supplier/Staff Payment software New Report System for Management - Logix 4 Improve PI Reports FINANCE OFFICE E-PROCUREMENT (ongoing) MISCO Electronic Invoicing Upgrade to Version 3 software WEBSITE Web Payments Upgrade to Version 3 Travel Requisitions – New Process SCHOOL/SUBJECTS/DEPARTMENTS Agresso 563 Updating Research Section Website Enhancements to Agresso 563 OTHER SYSTEM SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT WORKLOAD UPDATE System Support Update

13 Agresso User Forum 2011 Section Change RequisitioningNew Screen and different fields Agresso IconNew Icons – Front & Back Office.Net 4 Must be installed to Access Agresso 563 Back Office – Instructions issued Sales OrdersChange to Screen layout Purchasing CardsBack Office – new mandatory field Approval ScreenAdvance mode Requisitions StandardNew Screen Option Password ResetNew Option to reset your own password Agresso 563 Upgrade

14 Agresso User Forum 2011 Last Forum Outstanding Minutes Date Issued Update Details New Requisition ScreenExample Shown today Standing Order New and updated notes for Agresso 563 Credit NotesUpdate from Accounts Payable Sales Product Codes Better descriptions still required Approval LevelsNo change in Approval levels Closing OrdersProcess looks at order status at header level Requisition ReminderReminder set up for 7 days if requisition not approved

15 Any Other Business System Support Updates Advise Approvers to set up substitutes on Agresso Web pages if you know they are going on annual leave Password Reset Option on Agresso Web version Stricter control on Project Access Closing Orders – remember some suppliers are exempt and orders should still be reviewed.

16 Presentation and Action points will be published on the Website Thank you for all your feedback, contributions and time Enjoy the Christmas break when it comes..... Agresso Forum 2012

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