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Paths of Righteousness Psalm 119:9-16. Psalm 119.

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1 Paths of Righteousness Psalm 119:9-16

2 Psalm 119

3 Stay on the Path of Purity? Psalm 23:3 – He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake Psalm 119:9 – How do we stay on path of purity? “Living according to your Word” What does that look like? Handily, Psalm 119 tells us…

4 Three Components #1 – Heart “I seek you with all of my heart” Seeking God is an act of the heart Not straying from his commands is not about “obeying the rules” but rather choosing to follow “Hidden your word in my heart”

5 Three Components Our heart is our desire – not so much passion (romance) but rather will So the Psalmist is saying – “Desire to follow God” Hide his Word in our hearts so as not to sin If we know what God’s will is, we know what to do You can’t pass the exam if you don’t study the course material Do we desire to follow God?

6 Three Components #2 – Actions “Praise be to you LORD” “With my lips I recount all the laws” “I rejoice in following your statutes” A heart that desires to follow God turns thoughts into actions

7 Three Components “Praise be to you LORD” Worship “With my lips I recount all the laws” Teaching / Learning “I rejoice in following your statutes” Holy Living

8 Three Components #3 – Contemplation “I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways” We reflect on what we have learnt and done We inquire what it means, what God is calling us to next

9 Blockages? #1 – Heart We do not love because we feel like it, we love because we choose to It is an act of the will If you sometimes don’t feel like placing God at the centre of your heart, welcome to the experience of the rest of the Church! Often greatest advances come when we choose to follow God despite our state

10 Blockages? #2 – Actions Often struggle because we do not value all three of the components of Christian life or place restrictions on them Worship – We want it the way we like Teaching – We don’t want to challenge ourselves Holy Living - Our sinful desires often come into conflict with doing the holy thing Sometimes there is a price to be paid

11 Blockages? WorshipTeaching Holy Living

12 Blockages? #3 – Contemplation / Reflection Done in community and individually Home Groups One on One Blogs – share experiences Facebook Ask for help!

13 Delight in Your Decrees God stirs our hearts to desire him – he calls us to exercise our will God places in us a desire to worship him, learn of him and live for him God calls us to be in relationship with him, to learn and to see what he is doing

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