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The Story So Far….Beyond. House Keeping Introductions/Theme of the Day.

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1 The Story So Far….Beyond

2 House Keeping

3 Introductions/Theme of the Day

4 What has the group achieved so far?

5 Achievements 1.Promotion of the group itself 2.The ordering of resources intention to set up library 3.The acknowledgement from Youre a Star 4.Reasonable Adjustment Officers – guidance, heighten profile 5. Amendments to the severe weather policy for disabled staff

6 Achievements cont. 6. Annual DWG Conference 7. Multi Faith room creation of etc. 8. PEEPS heightened profile and importance 9. Fire evacuation procedures (fire wardens/refuge rooms) 10. Revamp of the webpage

7 Achievements cont. 11. Creation of the DVD on disabilities 12. Links with Partnerships - Mrs Pendleton, Property Department 13. The loop system in room 101 14. Supporting disabled employees through reviews, organisational change 15. Sharing the groups strengths and skills

8 TOP 3 AREAS OF ACHEIVEMENT 1.Annual Conference and acknowledgement from Youre A Star for the work of the group 2. Support for Group members from the group, Mrs. Pendleton, Property Dept. 3.Involvement in LCC Policies/Procedures – severe weather policy, disability leave, disability sick leave

9 Finally! Feeling more empowered to do things/push things forward

10 Sammy Hames- Pritchard PIP


12 Sammy Hames- Pritchard Q&A

13 Linda Stevenson National Careers Service


15 Plus and Minuses of the group


17 Where is the group going in 2013 and beyond?


19 Evaluation

20 Closing Comments

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