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Conjunctions and Interjections Courage Lesson 2 By Mrs. Mennell.

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1 Conjunctions and Interjections Courage Lesson 2 By Mrs. Mennell

2 Conjunctions and interjections are two more parts of speech. RuleExample A conjunction is a word that connects words or ideas. Ziggy and I are going to the zoo. We will go today or tomorrow. There are three main conjunctions.They are: and or but An interjections is a word that shows strong feelings. It is followed by an exclamation point. Yes! I would love to come to your party. No! I wont bring my little brother. These are words that you might say when you are happy, really mad, or excited. Ouch! On no! Sweet! Ugh! Wow!

3 Wow!!! What are some examples of interjections that you use?

4 Comprehension and Language Arts Skills Page 128

5 Try It! Read the sentences. Circle the conjunctions. Underline the interjections. 1.My sister read a story to my brother and me. 2.Oh! Alice just fell down into a big hole. 3.She was following a rabbit, or was it a hare? 4.Goodness! She fell down and hurt her knee. ____ ____________

6 Practice Read the sentences. Write and, or, or but to complete each sentence. 5.Mom ________ I are going to walk to school by ourselves today. 6. We will walk, ________ we may run. 7.We may even skip, _________ we wont be late for school. 8.Mom is wearing a blue coat _____ a green hat. 9.I am wearing a red jacket, ______ I am wearing a red cap today. and or but and

7 Proofreading Read the following story. Add an exclamation mark after the interjections. The sidewalks and the streets were slippery with snow. Oh, no How would I get to school safely today? I bundled myself up in my coat and my hat. Oops I almost forgot my gloves. Now Im finally ready to go. The steps at school are spread with salt. Wow This is easy. ! ! !

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