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1 Nursing Excellence Starts Here Army ROTC Nurse Program.

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1 1 Nursing Excellence Starts Here Army ROTC Nurse Program

2 2 AGENDA Why Healthcare? Who should go into the Healthcare field Opportunities in the Healthcare field How to get started Army ROTC and Healthcare Education and Career Opportunities in the Army Nurse Corps

3 3 Over 2.5 million strong, nurses make up the largest workforce within the clinical healthcare industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Healthcare jobs have increased EVERY month since July 2003. 8 of the top 20 fastest growing professions are in healthcare. Average growth of 24,000 jobs per month for the past 12 months. Predicted growth of 24% over the next decade. That's 4.2 Million NEW HEALTH CARE JOBS by 2021. There are A LOT of Jobs!

4 4 Anesthesiologist $184,340 per year American Mean Annual Income $39,190 Chief Executives (#10) and Airline Pilots (#14) are the only NON-MEDICAL occupations in the top 15 best paying jobs Americas Best Paying Jobs

5 5 Healthcare is Admired by the Public 1.Firefighter6. Military Officer 2.Doctor7. Police Officer 3.Nurse8. Clergyman 4.Scientist9. Farmer 5.Teacher10. Engineer Forbes Magazine – Most Admired Professions in America

6 6 1. Nurses 81% 2. Military Officers 73% 3. Pharmacists 71% 4. Grade School Teachers 67% 5. Doctors 66% 6. Police Officers 57% NursesTop Honesty and Ethics List for 11 th Year

7 7 Those who like to deal with people! Strong interest in the sciences Committed to lifelong learning Team Players and strong interpersonal skills Flexible Effectively able to deal with stress Good communication skills Who Should go into Healthcare?

8 8 Jobs available for all education and experience levels Many different work environments Opportunities for advancement, specialization, certifications, and continuing education Opportunities in Healthcare

9 9 Dentist, Orthodontist Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Psychiatrist, Psychologist Lab Informatics Audiology Opportunities in Healthcare Research Radiologist and Tech Ultrasound Tech Chiropractics Dietician Optometry Public Health

10 10 Take classes in Math and Sciences Volunteer or work in the field you are interested in (sometimes it isnt what you think it is) Shadow someone in the healthcare field Join professional organizations Ask Questions!!! How to get started in Healthcare

11 11 College course with a twist Leadership development focus Key to becoming a great ANC Lieutenant! What is Army ROTC?

12 12 Scholarship Benefits Tuition assistance Book and fee allowances Graduated stipend Additional incentives Room and Board at some schools

13 13 Who can get an Army ROTC Scholarship? US Citizen Minimum GPA 2.5 Minimum SAT 920/ ACT 19 Pass Army Physical/Medical Examination Pass Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Age (Under 31 years of age graduation year) Good moral character, no civil convictions Certain Medical Conditions may

14 14 3 rd BDE Scholarship Profile 2010 240 Nominations over 5 boards –June, July, LTC, August, and September –132 Scholarships awarded (55%) Average GPA: 3.18 Average APFT: 248 Average SAT Score: 1362 Average ACT Score: 26 Approx. 70% in top 25% of their Graduating Class Approx. 1/3 are in National Honor Society Approx. 50% are Varsity Letter Winners Approx. 1/3 are JROTC Participants

15 15 Nurse Corps Salary – Yearly totals (San Antonio) Year: 2011Base PayAllowances (non-taxable) Total COL (20 yrs)$110, 644$18,612$129,259 LTC (14 yrs)$86,232$18,456$104,688 MAJ(8 yrs)$70,956$17,154$88,110 CPT (3 yrs)$54,504$17,097$71,601 1LT$38,484$17,045$55,529 2LT$33,408$16,991$50,399

16 16 Assignment Opportunities MEDCEN (Medical Center) –Large, multi-service hospital –9 worldwide to include Germany and Hawaii MEDDAC (Medical Activity) –Community Hospital (20 to choose from) –Clinic (9 to choose from) TOE Unit (Table of Organization & Equipment) –Medical Brigades, specialty teams –Combat Support Hospitals

17 17

18 18 Graduate Education Graduate Degree Programs: Psychiatric/ Mental Health (CNS) Nursing Anesthesia Midwifery Critical Care CNS Emergency/Trauma Nursing CNS Community Health Nursing/ Public Health Adult Health (Medical-Surgical) CNS Perioperative CNS Maternal Child CNS Informatics Nursing Administration Nursing Education Health Care Administration/ Baylor Program PhD - research focused Certification Programs (FNP) Fully Funded- tuition and books Full Salary while Attending

19 Common Myths and Misconceptions You have to work in the hospital Only women are nurses You cant have a family and be in the military Going to the Recruiters office is the only way to get into the Military. Once you are certified you are stuck in that job Healthcare shortages will guarantee you a job after graduation. 19

20 Composition of the Corps 2079 (64%) 1159(36%) 537 (17%)

21 21 Service to Country Who better to care for… than those who fight to defend our freedom and way of life?

22 22 Questions?

23 23 How to Contact Me CPT Jamie Neumann, RN/BSN Work: (847) 688.3328 ext. 121 Cell: (224) 944.8436 E-mail: WWW.ARMYROTC.COM

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