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ConstitutionJeopardy. Constitution HistoryCompromiseChecksFederalismMisc 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 ConstitutionJeopardy

2 Constitution HistoryCompromiseChecksFederalismMisc 100 200 300 400 500

3 History 100 Unalienable rights defined by the Founding Fathers Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

4 History 200 This was the problem with the Articles of Confederation They left us with a weak national government

5 History 300 Who is considered the Father of the Constitution? James Madison

6 History 400 This part of the Constitution explains why it was written The Preamble

7 History 500 The meaning of popular sovereignty Power to the people

8 Compromises 100 The 3/5ths compromise refers to this A slave would be counted as 3/5 ths of a person for the purpose of representation

9 Compromises 200 These states wanted to count the slaves as whole people for representation The Southern states

10 Compromises 300 The reason the Northern states did not want to count slaves It would give the South too much power

11 Compromises 400 The states that benefitted by the Connecticut compromise Small states

12 Compromises 500 The Slave trade compromise ensured that the laws would not change for this amount of time. 20 years

13 Checks 100 The meaning of Checks and Balances Each branch has power to stop the others from having too much power

14 Checks 200 A veto override is one of the checks this branch has Legislative

15 Checks 300 This is the way the executive branch check the judicial branch Appointing judges

16 Checks 400 One provision of the Constitution that was not in the Article of Confederation. Three branches of government

17 Checks 500 BONUS

18 Federalism 100 Federalism is a compound government of these two entities State and Federal

19 Federalism 200 The president cannot remove a senator from power is an example of this principle. Separation of powers

20 Federalism 300 The idea that the government exists to serve the people came from this Enlightenment thinker. John Locke

21 Federalism 400 Tax collection is done by this level of gov. Both state and national

22 Federalism 500 The power to levy taxes belongs to both state and federal gov. what type of power is it? concurrent

23 Misc 100 These are the three branches of government Legislative, Judicial, Executive

24 Misc 200 The separation of power refers to these groups 3 branches

25 Misc 300 Who is considered the Father of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson

26 Misc 400 The form of government guaranteed by the constitution Republican

27 Misc 500 The powers that are not listed but are required to fulfill responsibilities. Implied powers

28 BONUS #1 The term that describes giving power to the government for the benefit of the people. Social Contract

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