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Medical Care Independent Living Consumer Rights & Responsibilities.

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1 Medical Care Independent Living Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

2 When you need medical services You can usually find good medical care wherever you live You may have to look a little harder in some places The rewards of finding good medical care are well worth your efforts You want to have confidence in your doctor and hospital staff

3 1. Selecting a physician You should look for a physician while you are well If you wait until you need medical attention, you may have to accept any doctor who will see you. Making well-informed decision is a 3-step process 1. Collect the names of physicians in your area 2. Gather info about each doctor 3. Visit one or more and choose the one who will meet your needs

4 2. Sources of help in finding physician Your current doctor for recommendation of someone else Friends Relatives Neighbors Contact nearby medical school Contact local hospital

5 3. What to ask when you call… Check to see if the doctor is accepting new patients Ask about their location and office hours You want the location nearby in case of emergency If you have special needs make sure to ask about them Example: Homebound-ask if doctor makes house calls

6 (cont) What to ask when you call… Ask about fees/billing terms Simple office visit or general physical exam Make sure doctor takes your insurance Some doctors require you to pay and be reimbursed by insurance company Other doctors bill the insurance company directly Then you’re ready to schedule an appointment…

7 4. Physical Exam Always get a physical exam even if you are healthy Why? It allows doctor to see what you are like in good health Allows you to evaluate the service you receive You want to feel comfortable

8 What the doc will want to know… Medical history Existing health conditions Family’s medical history

9 5. Questions to answer for yourself Does the doctor put you at ease? Does he or she welcome your questions? Does the doctor provide you with satisfactory answers? If you are comfortable with the doctor then request your medical records be transferred from former doctor.

10 6. Choosing a hospital Your doctor can be a valuable resource for choosing a hospital (he/she may or may not work in only 1 hospital) As with choosing a physician, choose a hospital before you get sick

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