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DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Earths Features Earth Materials Rocks.

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1 DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Earths Features Earth Materials Rocks

2 Rocks – The Big Ideas Rocks can be broken down into smaller pieces. Rocks are made up of one or more than one mineral. Based on how they are formed, rocks are classified into three groups: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Sedimentary rocks are made up of tiny pieces of shells, rocks, sand, or other materials. Igneous rocks are made when melted rock cools and hardens. Metamorphic rocks form under heat and pressure. When rocks are created, changed, and destroyed, it is called The Rock Cycle.

3 Rocks – Prior Knowledge Students have probably seen and touched some type of rocks. However, they may not realize that there are different types of rocks. It will be helpful for students to use the FUN-damental to review rocks and minerals. It will also help if they have: –seen different types of rocks and stones. –collected rocks. –background knowledge about volcanoes.

4 Rocks – Common Misconceptions Rocks are always heavy and solid. –Reality: Some rocks are lightweight, some can float, and some can be bent easily with your hands, or be melted into a liquid. Rocks are stronger than forces of nature. –Reality: Rocks can heated and melted, can erode into tiny pieces, can change under pressure, and can be cooled and hardened. Fossils can be found in any type of rock. –Reality: Fossils are found in sedimentary rocks, but almost never in other rock types. Igneous and metamorphic rocks form at high temperatures and the fossils would be destroyed.

5 Rocks – Using DE Science Content When you close this presentation, you can review the following recommended resources for Rocks. Exploration: RocksRocks Video: Rocks: An IntroductionRocks: An Introduction eBook: Solid as a RockSolid as a Rock Video: The Rock CycleThe Rock Cycle Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them through the browser or search feature.

6 Rocks – Instructional Ideas Use the Exploration with the whole class so students can discover how to create the three different types of rocks. The exploration allows students the opportunity to try different combinations and get different results. Use the Reading Passage for students who are independent readers, and allow struggling readers to use the eBook which has a text reader. The information will help students gain more information about rock types and the rock cycle. At a science center, provide a variety of types of rocks or pictures of rocks for students to see, feel, sort, and classify.

7 State Standards: If you wish to review your state standards regarding Rocks, click here to get to the curriculum standards search feature of DES. You can click on any standard to see what resources are available to teach it. Additional Information: For additional content, check the Extend section within the concept.

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