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Seminole Indians.

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1 Seminole Indians

2 Where do the Seminole Live?
The Seminole lived in the southeast region, specifically in the state of Florida. They started out in northern Florida, but when the Americans attacked them, the Seminole tribe retreated further south, into the Everglades.

3 Who are the Seminole Indians
The Seminole people were once part of the creek tribe They farmed the southern regions of what is known today as Georgia and Alabama When European settlers arrived, some of the creek people decided to stay behind, while others moved to northern and central Florida These people became known as the Seminole (which means “runaway” or “Wander”

4 What did they eat? They planted corn, beans, squash and other vegetables and fruit They fished and hunted, often catching alligators in the Florida swamps On land the Seminole hunted deer , bear, raccoon, squirrel, and birds The gathered roots and potatoes Each family owned a vegetable garden Corn was an important staple in the Seminole diet It was often used to make a corn dish called hominy or it was ground into meal to make cornbread

5 What did they wear? They wore colorful cotton clothing decorated with striped or plaid designs The women wore long-sleeved blouses and skirts that touched the floor Wore necklaces made of glass beads It was common for Seminole women to wear several pounds of beaded necklaces that reached all the way to her ears Men wore colorful shirts and plaid turbans on their heads When the weather was cold, men wore coats with ruffles called long shirts

6 What are Chickees? The Seminole living near the Everglades built open-sided wooden huts called chickees A chickee was built on a platform raised about 3 feet off the swampy ground, and it had a thatched roof constructed of palmetto leaves The roof kept out rain The Seminole slept in hammocks The Seminole spent most of their time outdoors

7 Chickee

8 How did the Seminoles travel?
They made flat dugout canoes from hollowed-out cypress logs They steered the boats with poles rather than paddles

9 What were the Seminole villages like?
Was made up of many families Families in the villages were related through their mothers All women and children belonged to the same clan (vocabulary word) Seminole women worked near camp, taking care of the children, cooking, sewing, and gardening Seminole men hunted, fishing, and farming In the early summer, the Seminole prepared for an important festival- the green corn dance Seminole villages came together to celebrate the festival by dancing, playing games, and feasting The naming ceremony was held that year at the green corn dance festival

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