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Impact of the Enlightenment

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1 Impact of the Enlightenment
Enlightened Absolutism, War of Austrian Succession, Seven Years War

2 Enlightened Absolutism
Rulers tried to govern using Enlightenment principles while maintaining royal powers Monarchs allowed religious toleration, freedom of speech and press, rights of private property They obey laws and enforce laws fairly

3 Enlightened Monarchs Frederick the Great Maria Theresa Joseph II
Catherine the Great

4 Map of Europe 1700’s

5 Frederick the Great Monarch of Prussia (1712-1786)
Well versed in Enlightenment ideals Abolished use of torture, granted limited freedom of speech and press, granted some religious toleration Kept system of serfdom

6 Maria Theresa Austrian Monarch – 1740 Not open to calls for reform
Did improve conditions for serfs Supported a strong monarchy and their right to rule

7 Joseph II Austrian Monarch Son of Maria Teresa
Believed need to sweep away anything that stood in way of reason Abolished serfdom, eliminated slavery, enacted religious toleration Most everything he did, failed and was overturned upon his death

8 Catherine the Great Monarch of Russia (1762-1796)
Seemed to favor reform early Did not enact any Enlightenment reforms Expanded serfdom to new territories

9 War of Austrian Succession
War that set up Seven Years War Frederick II of Prussia did not recognize Maria Theresa as Austrian ruler He tried to take over Silesia Alliances formed – France & Prussia vs Austria & Enland War ended with Prussia keeping control of Silesia

10 Seven Years War (Europe)
Major rivalry between Britain and France Alliances – Britain & Prussia vs France, Austria, & Russia War was fought over control of European territories War ends in stalemate – Austria recognizes Silesia as Prussian

11 Seven Years War (India)
Known as Great War for Empire Britain defeats France in India Britain maintains control over India

12 Seven Years War (N America)
Fought between Britain and France over control of N America British defeat France France turns over Canada, Spanish turn over Florida Britain becomes world’s leading colonial power

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