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Central European Monarchs Clash

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1 Central European Monarchs Clash
21.3 Prussian Siege of Kolberg Russia during the Seven Years War

2 Peace of Augsburg (1555) Breaks Down
Catholic, Holy Roman Emperor (Charles V) allowed German Princes to choose Catholicism or Lutheranism, but not Calvinism 1618: Emperor Ferdinand II became king of Bohemia = Protestants in Prague began to Revolt


4 Thirty Years War One of the most destructive wars in European History Fought mainly in Germany Began as a war of religion, but turned into a power struggle between all of Europe’s great powers.

5 Sides Hapsburg Side Opposing Side Holy Roman Emperor Austria Spain
Bavaria Hungary Bohemia Netherlands France Sweden England

6 Catholic General Wallenstein after his victory at

7 Hapsburgs Are Defeated
France & Sweden turn the tide against the Hapsburg Dynasty

8 Ukranian Cossaks

9 Results of the War Peace of Westphalia (1648)
Weakened Hapsburg Spain & Austria Strengthened Bourbon France Dutch finally free of Spain Disbanded the Holy Roman Empire Ended religious wars in Europe Began era of Nation-States

10 Germany Lost 4 million People. Which slowed its Development
Population loss in Germany


12 Central Europe Differs from the West
Feudalism lasted longer in Germany, Austria, Poland, & Hungary Wars created instability Did not benefit from Commercial Revolution

13 Rise of Austria & Prussia
Became Dominant States of Central Europe Austria Ruled by Catholic Hapsburgs Absolutist; conquered much of central Europe German elite ruled over a diverse population Prussia Ruled by Lutheran Hohenzollerns Came to dominate northern Germany Strong Military Culture




17 Maria Theresa of Austria
Absolute Ruler of Austria: 1717 – 1780 Religious Catholic, cared for the poor, but not Civil Rights Mother of Marie Antoinette

18 Frederick II “The Great” of Prussia
Made Prussia the 1st Welfare State & Military Power: 1712 – 1786 Enlightened Ruler Atheist, Invented Public Ed., Social Reforms



21 First truly “Global” War British Empire & Prussia Vs
Seven Years War (1756 – 1763) First truly “Global” War British Empire & Prussia Vs French Empire, Austria, Russia (French & Indian War) Gave Britain dominance in North America Britain gained sole economic rights in India


23 Results Britain Became Dominant Imperial Power
Dominance in North America & India Prussia became dominant in Germany = set up for its unification later France lost its Empire & entered period of trouble that would lead to Revolution

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