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Four Systems of Higher Education

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1 Four Systems of Higher Education
Welcome to Programs Name My Name is Delia This first part will be an overview of the 4 segments and then we will speak about the Cal state system.

2 An Overview Community Colleges California State University
California State University Independent Colleges & Universities University of California Here are the 4 basic options available in California Community Colleges- Like Fullerton College, Cerritos College, Cypress College, Saddleback College, Santa Ana College California State University- Like Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, … University of Claifornia- Like UCLA, UCR, Cal Berkley, UC Davis Private Institutions- Like Chapman University, Azusa Pacific University, Claremont McKenna

3 The California Community Colleges
Number of Campuses- 110 Campuses throughout California Required Entrance Exam- None required Degrees Offered Associate degrees and vocational certificates Cost- $26 per unit

4 California State University
Application Process Apply Oct.1- Nov.30 $55 application fee, apply at: Requirements: Complete A-G ACT or SAT I Eligibility Index of 2900 using SAT or 694 using ACT (GPA X 800) + SAT I total (GPA X 200) + (10 X ACT Composite) Take English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level math (ELM) unless exempt CSU draws from the top 33% of CA’s h.s. graduates Estimated Costs With Parents On-Campus Fees $2,990 Books and Supplies $1,200 Food and Housing $3,214 $7,174 Transportation $1,116 $1,000 Misc, Personal $2,300 Estimated Costs $10,820 $14,664 FYI- Entrance Exam- Some campuses will say SAT only for Students with 3.0 GPA but now with impaction students Tuition is Accurate - used the current Financial aid stats given to University outreach Degrees Offered Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in Education (at some campuses)

5 The University of California
Application process Apply Nov. 1- Nov $55 application fee, apply at: UC draws from the top 12.5% of CA’s H.S. graduates Required Entrance Exams Complete A-G SAT Reasoning or ACT plus writing and SAT Subject exams Estimated Costs Fees $6,780 Books and Supplies $1,450 Health Insurance Allowance $670 Room and Board $10,880 Personal/ Transportation $2,370 Estimated Costs $22,150 Degrees Offered Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Professional Degrees

6 Independent Colleges & Universities
Application Process Most applications are available at: Deadlines vary, please check with individual campuses Some campuses recommend while others require: essays letters of recommendations interviews Over 75 independent colleges and universities in CA Requirements Use A-G requirements as a guideline SAT Reasoning or ACT (some schools may require SAT Subject Test) Always check with individual campuses for admission criteria Average Estimated Costs Tuition and Fees $31,000 Books and Supplies $1,200 Room and Board $9,000 Estimated Costs $41,200 Degrees Offered Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, and Professional Degrees

7 Required Courses UNIVERSITY SAUSD a b c d e f g
30 credits – History/Social Science credits – History/Social Science 40 credits of English credits of English 30 credits of Math (including geometry) 30 credits of Math algebra 1, geometry & algebra II 30 credits of Science credits of Science 20 credits of Foreign Language –40 credits of Foreign Language same language same language 10 credits of Fine Arts credits of Fine Arts 45 credits of high school electives 10 – 40 college prep electives 20 credits of Physical Education 5 credits of Health 5 credits of College Career Planning High School: A, B, C & D is passing. University: A, B & C only.

8 Pre-Calculus or Calculus
The A-G Study Pattern College Preparatory Requirements 9th Grade 10th 11th 12th Total Units A B C D E F G History / Social Science- 2 years World History / Cultures / World Civilizations US History Government / Civics (1 semester) 2.5 Years / Units English: 4 Years 4 Years / Units College Prep English 4 years completed with a C or better Math: 3 Years, 4 Recommended Algebra or Geometry Geometry or Algebra 2 Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus 3 Years / Units Pre-Calculus or Calculus 4 Years / Units Laboratory Science: 2 Years, 3 Recommended Biology Chemistry 2 Years / Units Physics 3 Years / Units Language Other Than English: 2 Years 3 Recommended Spanish 1 Spanish 2 2 Years / Units The College Prep Plan- A- 2 Years: Social Science, Including One year of US History and American Government- American Government and Econ or Civics is usually a one year class and a requirement for Graduation. B- 4 Years: College Prep English- No remedial or ESL Courses *C- 3 Years: Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II; Integrated mathematics including these) *D- 2 Years: Science with a Laboratory (one year biological and one year physical) *E- 2 Years: Foreign Language (the same Language) F- 1 Year: Visual & Performing Arts: Art, Dance, Theatre/ Drama or Music G- 1 Year: Elective chosen from the subject areas listed above or approved college preparatory elective Courses Spanish 3 3 Years / Units Visual and Performing Arts: 1 Year- Same course Art 1 Year / Units College Preparatory Elective: 1 Year Economics (1 semester) .5 Years / Units Earth Science 1.5 Years / Units 15 Years/ Units 21 Years/ Units

9 Systems at a Glance System Number of Campuses
Approximately $2,900 per year Bachelors, Masters, And limited Doctoral Degrees ACT or SAT Reasoning 23 California State University (CSU) Approximately $ 6,780 per year Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and, Professional Degrees ACT plus writing or SAT Reasoning and two SAT Subject Tests 10 University of California (UC) Average $31,000 per year Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, and Professional Degrees Varies: (Check with College or University of your choice) More than 75 Independent Colleges and Universities $26 per unit Associate degrees and vocational certificates English and math Placement test prior to enrolling 109 California Community Colleges (CCC) Number of Campuses Required Entrance Exam(s) Degrees Offered Average Calculated--- using the tuition costs of the local private schools listed below ( )/4= $29, average cost per year Some notes of Interest Re: Private Universities & Colleges Chapman University $23,950 per Year Harvey Mudd College $28,012 per Year- plus additional fees plus Room & Board Claremont McKenna Colleges---$36,880 per Year Stanford University $28,563 per Year- with Room & Board Books etc- 40,591 per year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harvard $27,448 Health Services Fee $1,264 Student Services Fee------$1,908 Room $4,974 Board $4,286 Subtotal - billed cost--$39,880 Personal Expenses $2,570 Total billed and unbilled costs-----$42,450 per Year Student Fees / Tuition (subject to change)

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