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1 Athena

2 FAmiLy tReE

3 Birth Athena’s father is Zeus
Unlike others Athena was born from her father’s forehead Her mother to some is known as Metis, but to some she has no mother When she was born she was dressed in full armor and was fully grown

4 Special talents, and traits
She has grey, bright, and clear eyes, and brown hair She is very good at weaving, and once had been challenged She invented the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake, the plow, the yoke, the bridle, the ship, and the chariot.

5 Athena… She was Zeus’ favorite child
She got to use all of his tools and weapons including his thunderbolt Her mother was Zeus’ first wife

6 Symbols Olive tree Owl The city of Athens

7 Works cited

8 Brought to you by Cyndi Frick
The End Brought to you by Cyndi Frick

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