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4 Aquifer Geology and Geography
Permeable materials such as sandstone, limestone and layers of sand and gravel

5 Recharge Zone Ground surface where water enters an aquifer
Dependent on permeability

6 Springs and Wells Movement determined by the slope of the water table
If the water table reaches the Earth’s surface water will flow out of the ground (Spring) Water table higher than the Earth’s surface lakes will form.

7 Artesian Well Water flows from a crack in the cap rock of an aquifer.

8 Hot Springs one form of an artesian well

9 Wells A human made hole that is deeper than the level of the water table

10 Cave Formations The underground erosion of limestone
Caused by carbonic acid

11 Deposition Deposits of calcium carbonate

12 Stalactites Stalactites-form from the ceiling

13 Stalagmites Stalagmites-form from dripping water

14 Dripstone Column

15 Sinkholes When the water table is lower than the level of a cave
Results in the roof collapsing


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