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Mughal Royalty of India

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1 Mughal Royalty of India
Profile Portrait

2 What do I know about India?
Where is India? What kinds of animals live there? What do people wear? What do the buildings look like?

3 Lesson Objectives Learn: Do: Success:
Long ago, in India, rulers called Mughals paid artists to make books that record the important times in their lives and prove their greatness. The Mughal royalty were all painted in profile. Do: First we will practice making a profile portrait, then you will draw a final copy using the practice drawing as a guide. Success: You will be successful if you can follow along with the practice activity then use what you learned to draw a profile portrait.

4 Profile Portrait The people in the painting are facing the side, that is called a profile. When someone creates art of a person’s face it is called a portrait. If we put the two ideas together: profile and portrait - what does it mean?

5 Starting the Face Draw a large oval. On the middle line write ‘eye’
Label the bottom line ‘mouth’ Label the top line ‘hair’ Hair Line Eye Line Mouth Line

6 Drawing a Profile Portrait
The eye and mouth are easiest, they go on their lines. The nose lines up with the eye at the top. The ear starts at the eye and ends at the nose. To make the hair line look at other students to see the line where hair and face come together. Hair Line Eye Line Mouth Line

7 Now it’s your turn! Use what you learned!
You will draw a profile portrait of a person who is important to you. How much space will a head and shoulders take up on the paper? Use your profile portrait practice sketch to help you figure out where to draw the parts of the face. Use the 3 lines. Use what you learned!

8 Summary What is a profile? What is a portrait? How did you use today’s lesson to make a profile portrait? What are the steps?

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