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Instant Messages: I am bored. Social Networks: Facebook, Myspace.

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2 E-mail: Instant Messages: I am bored. Social Networks: Facebook, Myspace

3 Electronic mail is used to communicate with others all over the world. E-Mail can send messages, pictures, and files to people in a matter of seconds or minutes. E-Mail can be used for business and personal reasons. E-Mail messages can be deleted but never disappear.

4 Use caution when opening attachments from people you know! Sometimes attachments carry viruses. Always scan the attachment before you open it! Including email forwarded from a friend! Some email providers automatically scan the attachment and will let you know if it has a virus. Delete any unknown messages immediately. Delete any messages you are not sure of! Youve Got Mail!

5 Remember, messages may not have been sent by the person whose name is shown. Always check the email senders address. Sometime emails say they are from a bank, government official, or friend - but they are not. Senders can disguise themselves and pretend to be someone else, this is called phishing. Report any suspicious email to an adult and your email provider.

6 Do not share your password with anyone (except your parents). Do not give out your email address except to people you trust! Do not be tricked by false messages (SPAM). Emails may offer incredible deals only if you reply with your personal information. YIKES!!!

7 Instant Messaging (IM) is when people have a conversation in real time. As soon as the message is typed and the enter key is pressed, the message is instantly sent to another person onscreen. Most IM services have a Buddy List, which tells people when their friends are online and available to chat. It will also show when YOU are online.

8 Talk only to people you know in real life and who you have approved on your buddy list. Block any senders you do not know from messaging you. Learn the lingo used so you can understand what others are talking about... Want to chat???


10 Do not give ANY personal information. Do not give your email address. Do not use your real picture! Do not be tricked by people pretending to know you. NEVER meet someone you only know online. YIKES!!!

11 Websites that allow people to connect with their friends and other people on a daily basis. You may know them personally. You may live in the same area as them. You may have the same interests or hobbies. These websites allow: blogging, chatting, messaging, sharing pictures, other files, webcams, email, comments, other website links, etc. These websites ask you to set up a profile of yourself! YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE OVER 18 YEARS OLD.

12 Express yourself carefully. Set your privacy settings on your page so only the people you accept as a friend can view your profile and information. Choose appropriate screen names or nicknames that do not include personal information. Rude or hurtful comments are consideredcyber-bullying. Im connected!

13 Do not compete for friends. Do not add people if you do not know them. Do not allow just anyone to see your profile. CHECK YOUR SETTINGS! Be careful of ANY pictures you post. Be aware if your friends are in the picture! YIKES!!!

14 Once you post something, it is on the page and not something you can take back. Anything posted online can be saved by others and passed on to unlimited people. Anything posted online can be linked to your account indefinitely. Anything hurtful or rude that is posted can be considered cyber-bullying. You may press delete but it NEVER goes away! ALWAYS LOG OUT! It never goes away...

15 e_you_a_cyberbully.html e_you_a_cyberbully.html

16 Use webcams with an adults knowledge ONLY! Turn off the camera when not in use! Remain aware of the cameras view when using a webcam! Remember others can save the webcam sessions and forward them to other people Talk to family members and friends only! I see you...


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