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Inheritance Patterns.

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1 Inheritance Patterns

2 Incomplete Dominance The heterozygous (hybrid) phenotype is somewhere in-between the homozygous phenotypes If R = red and r = white Rr = pink

3 We still use capital (dominant) and lowercase (recessive) letters
And the same letter!

4 +

5 Co-Dominance Both alleles of a gene are expressed – Equal dominance (like co-workers) We write alleles as 2 different capital letters BB = Black feathers WW = White feathers BW = Speckled black and white feathers

6 Black (BB) White (WW) Black & White (BW)

7 White (WW) Red (RR) Roan (RW)

8 Multiple Alleles A gene that is controlled by 3 or more alleles
Blood Groups – ABO IA :has only antigen A IB : has antigen B i: has neither antigens = Type O IAIB : has both A and B antigens




12 Blood Transfusions Recipient – receives blood Donor – donates blood
You can only receive blood that has the same antigens on its cells

13 Rh Antigen Rh antigen is also found on red blood cells
Do not have antigen = Rh negative Have antigen = Rh positive

14 Sex-Linked Females = XX Males = XY
If a trait is carried on the X chromosome, a male has only 1 copy It is more likely that a recessive trait will show up on a male than a female. Why?




18 Polygenic Traits Many genes are involved in controlling the phenotype

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