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Who is the Father of Genetics?. Mendel a type of gene that is hidden by a dominant gene.

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1 Who is the Father of Genetics?

2 Mendel

3 a type of gene that is hidden by a dominant gene

4 Recessive

5 used to show the possible gene combinations in a cross between two organisms

6 Punnett Square

7 Punnet Squares What tools can we use to predict each generation? Simplest tool is a Punnet Square Aa A a

8 Aa A a AA Aa aa Parents

9 a gene responsible for determining traits in an organism

10 Allele

11 chromosomes that do not determine the sex of a person

12 Autosome

13 HH

14 Homozygous Dominant

15 pattern where the phenotypes of both homozygous parents are present in heterozygous offspring; both alleles are equally expressed

16 Codominant Alleles

17 the stronger trait in a gene pair

18 Dominant

19 union of a sperm and egg

20 Fertilization

21 the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms

22 Genetics

23 an organism's genetic makeup, or allele combinations

24 Genotype

25 an organism that has two different alleles for a single trait, for example (Hh)

26 Heterozygous

27 two of the same alleles for a trait, for example (HH)

28 Homozygous

29 an organism that is heterozygous for a particular trait

30 Hybrid

31 a genetic pattern in which neither of the two forms of a trait completely masks the other

32 Incomplete Dominance

33 any chromosome other than a sex chromosome

34 Autosome

35 a picture of all the chromosomes in a cell arranged in pairs

36 Karyotype

37 having more than two alleles that control a trait

38 Multiple Alleles

39 a chart or "family tree" that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait

40 Pedigree

41 what an organism looks like as a consequence of its genotype

42 Phenotype

43 transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant

44 Pollination

45 hh

46 Homozygous Recessive

47 occurs when groups of gene pairs act together to produce a specific trait

48 Polygenic Inheritance

49 a trait that will be masked by more dominant trait

50 Recessive

51 a trait that will be masked by more dominant trait

52 What part of the flower does the pollen land on?

53 Fig. 10.01 Anther Stigma Fig. 10.01 Anther Stigma

54 What is the function of the Anther?

55 To make pollen

56 Black (BB) Crossed with Brown (bb)

57 Fig. 10. 06 Gametes All Bb All offspring are black and heterozygous (a) (b) If heterozygous Black (Bb) Homozygous Brown (bb) If homozygous Black (BB) Homozygous Brown (bb)

58 X and Y chromosomes that determine the sex of an individual

59 Sex Chromosome

60 What are the female Sex Chromosomes

61 XX

62 What are the male Sex Chromosomes

63 XY

64 characteristics that are inherited, such as your eye color

65 Traits

66 heterozygous offspring show a phenotype that is in between the phenotypes of the two homozygous parents

67 Incomplete Dominance

68 Hh

69 Heterozygous (Also called)

70 Hybrid


72 Punnett Square

73 b B B b

74 b B B b Bb

75 How many traits are in a di-hybrid cross

76 two



79 cross a red (RR) and a white (WW) flower

80 W R R W

81 W R R W RW

82 What type of cross Created pink flowers?

83 Incomplete Dominance

84 Cross two pink flowers


86 What is the Phenotype ratio?

87 1 red:2pink:1white

88 Cross to checked chickens (BW)


90 What is the Genotype ratio?

91 1BB:2BW:1WW

92 What type of cross produces checkered chickens

93 Co-Dominance

94 Blood type is What type of inheritance ?

95 Multiple Alleles

96 How many Alleles are there for blood type?

97 There are 3 A, B, and O

98 What blood types are possible

99 A, B, AB and O

100 What blood type is recessive

101 Type O

102 Cross type O With type AB

103 B AO BO

104 Probability is The chance that an event will occur

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