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QAR Questions Answer Relationships

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1 QAR Questions Answer Relationships
Kennedy High School

2 PDSA Cycle Plan – Do – Study – Act (PDSA) Cycle guides the continuous improvement process for the action research team

3 Goal #1 for QAR Fulfill the requirements of QAR course with Nance Wilson (University of Florida).

4 Plan – Define the System
Read “Enhancing Comprehension and Test-taking Across Grades and Content Areas” article with half-page written response. Attend 3 QAR follow-up sessions in Iowa City. Teach 3 QAR lessons and write up lesson plans. Give pre-test and post-test to core group of students (White) Complete homework for future follow-up sessions.

5 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Continuing our QAR training as teachers: Attending training sessions Creating lesson plans within curriculum Analyzing reading materials Building our own understanding of QAR

6 Plan – Analyze Causes Not enough lessons within curriculum that incorporate higher-order thinking skills Not enough lessons within curriculum that incorporate reading strategies to improve comprehension and critical thinking

7 Plan – Analyze Causes Lack of intrinsic motivation for the students
Many students struggle with reading Lack of time to work with the non-proficient students on an individual basis Lack of QAR between middle and high school

8 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory
Not to this phase yet. Final training session with Nance Wilson, May 11, 2006 Begin coordination with other departments Fall 2006 END OF QAR SLIDES

9 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory
Incorporation of lessons that utilize experimental design and analysis of data Every science teacher will require one standard lab report each term. A grading rubric will be designed and used by all science teachers. Student progress will be monitored over the course of a year and over the course of his entire science career.

10 Study – Study the Results
The ITED is the only measurement device currently in place In 2004, 12% of Juniors were non-proficient on the science subtest of the ITED, compared to 11.6% in 2005. The 2005 juniors have not been part of the Science Success classes.

11 Study – Study the Results
Still in the Plan/Do parts of the cycle for the other ideas.

12 Act – Standardize Improvement
Not to this point in the cycle yet.

13 Act – Plan Continuous Improvement
Not to this point in the cycle yet.

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