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Math Action Research Team

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1 Math Action Research Team
Kennedy High School

2 PDSA Cycle Plan – Do – Study – Act (PDSA) Cycle guides the continuous improvement process for the action research team.

3 Goal #1 for Math Team To improve all students’ proficiency in mathematics.

4 Plan – Define the System
No Child Left Behind mandates that all students be proficient on the math concepts and estimation subtest of ITED by 2012. Based on analysis of ITED, students need more practice with standardized test-taking strategies; (multiple choice formatted questions).

5 Plan – Assess Current Situation

6 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Analyze the results of the district trimester assessments. The type of questions in which students show non-proficiency:

7 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Four year Math statistics:

8 Plan – Assess Current Situation
Student satisfaction survey results:

9 Plan – Analyze Causes Improvement of test bank questions for district assessments Regular district mathematics meetings Math Skills classes Large class sizes Insufficient funding/resources

10 Plan – Analyze Causes Student absenteeism
Many students struggle with reading Lack of time to work with the non-proficient students on an individual basis Lack of articulation between middle and high schools Leveling of students

11 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory
Implementation of math skills classes for students scoring below the 40th percentile on the math subtest Generating a database of multiple choice chapter test questions for math courses taught.

12 Do – Try Out Improvement Theory
Coming soon to a classroom near you!!!!

13 Study – Study the Results

14 Act – Standardize Improvement
Not to this point in the cycle yet.

15 Act – Plan Continuous Improvement
Not to this point in the cycle yet.

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