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Implicit and Explicit Language:

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1 Implicit and Explicit Language:
What are they, and how do they affect my writing?

2 Implicit Language Used in small-knit communities of friends, co-workers, families. Used when all parties involved in the conversation already obtain extensive knowledge regarding the subject. We use implicit language as an informal way to communicate with those people we know very well.

3 Implicit Language Where/when do we use it?
Facebook/ MySpace entries. For example, Sarah might leave a Facebook message on a friend’s wall that says, “Are you going tomorrow night?” The recipient of this message likely already knows what Sarah is talking about, so Sarah doesn’t need to specify that she is talking about Malik’s birthday party.

4 Implicit Language An outsider who does not know Malik might see the posted message, but he does not know what the message is pertaining to. If she wanted inform everyone, Sarah should have used explicit language. For example, “Are you going to Malik’s birthday party tomorrow night?”

5 Explicit Language Used when speaking broadly to a general audience that likely does not have extensive knowledge of the topic/subject. Specific language that provides details and explanation.

6 Explicit Language: When/where should we use it?
Most professional/academic writing should be written using explicit language. Examples: Research papers, essays, business letters, speeches, formal writing of any kind on tests. Remember, don’t ever assume that your reader knows exactly what you are talking about! 

7 Implicit vs. Explicit Implicitly written Explicitly written
“Are we going?” I asked. “I haven’t decided.” Mom said. “Well, let me know.” I replied. “Are we going to go to the beach tomorrow?” I asked. “ I haven’t made a decision yet. It depends on if your father can take off of work.” Mom said. “Well, just let me know because I need to make other plans if we cannot go.” I replied.

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