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21st Century Skills.

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1 21st Century Skills

2 Why are 21st century skills so important?
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” --Alvin Toffler, American writer and futurist (1928- )

3 Why are 21st century skills so important?
“The average person will change jobs nine times by the time he or she is 32.”Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor

4 Employability Skills…
Why are 21st century skills so important? Employability Skills… Skills that are essential and transferable to a variety of situations and are necessary for an individual to function in the 21st century workplace. Retrieved on June 18, 2008 from

5 Why are 21st century skills so important?
What skills are most important for job success when hiring a high school graduate? Work Ethic 80% Collaboration 75% Good Communication 70% Social Responsibility 63% Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 58%

6 Why are 21st century skills so important?
New Context Skills Required Global Competition: Global Awareness Self-Direction Global Cooperation: Collaboration Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy Information Growth: Information Literacy Critical Thinking Problem Solving More Jobs & Careers: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Innovation & Improvement Flexibility & Adaptability Growing Service Economy: Communication Skills Life and Career Awareness Skills


8 Partnership for 21st Century Skills - Framework

9 Six Elements of 21st Century Learning
Emphasize core subjects Emphasize learning skills Use 21st century tools to develop learning skills Teach and learn in a 21st century context Teach and learn 21st century content Use 21st century assessment that measure 21st century skills

10 Core curriculum and 21st Century Themes:
English, reading/language arts, world languages, arts, mathematics, economics, science, geography, history, government and civics, global awareness, financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy, health literacy, environmental literacy

11 Learning and Innovative Skills:
creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and collaboration

12 Information, Media, and Technology Skills:
information literacy, media literacy, ICT (information, communication, and technology) literacy

13 Life and Career Skills:
flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity and accountability, leadership and responsibility

14 21st Century Support Systems:
standards, assessments, curriculum and instruction, professional development, learning environments.



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