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Remembering the Presidents

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1 Remembering the Presidents
Chain Mnemonic

2 Washing + Ton = Washington
The knobs on the washing machine are really atoms Washing + Ton = Washington

3 The atoms look like flowers that are good to eat to a heifer's son.
Atoms = Adams

4 Heifer's Son = Jefferson
Mad’s son bits the heifer's son’s tail.

5 Mad’s Son = Madison The other side of this face is a moon with a rose growing out of it.

6 Moon Rose = Monroe Bees with atom wings fly out of this moon rose…

7 Atoms (bee’s wings) = Adams

8 Jack = Jackson then go sting Jack making him jump over the candlestick and lands in a van.

9 Van Burrrs as it Runs = Van Buren
Harry’s son is smelly so he rides on top of the van…

10 Harry’s Son = Harrison …he wears a tie that polks…

11 Tie = Tyler …the Taylor causing him to…

12 Tailor = Taylor …fill the tank with more than it can hold.

13 The gas runs down into a pierced ear.
Fill-more = Fillmore

14 Pierced = Pierce The ear ring has a small beautiful cannon on it that shoots small copper cannon balls.

15 Beautiful Cannon = Buchannan
The copper ball smashes against the wall forming a penny.

16 Penny = Lincoln Lincoln cries because it hurts and his tear lands on a shampoo bottle.

17 Johnson’s Baby Shampoo = Johnson
Then grrrants climb out of the bottle…

18 Growling Ant = Grrr-ant = Grant
And start munching on one side of a bale of hay.

19 Hay = Hayes The other side of the bale has Garfield eating there.

20 Garfield Cat = Garfield
Garfield’s tale turns into a pen because he is an author.

21 Writing = Author = Arthur
But a cleaver cuts the book he is writing in half.

22 Cleaver = Cleveland Harry’s son is holding the cleaver. In his other hand is another cleaver that is striking a rock.

23 Harry’s Son = Harrison In his other hand is another that is striking a rock.

24 Cleaver = Cleveland It makes a spark starting a fire in the McKindling.

25 McDonald’s + Kindling = McKinley
The arches are heated up and burn the feet of the teddy bear standing on top of them.

26 Teddy + Rose Belt = Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy’s rose belt has a tuft of hair growing on top.

27 Tuft of hair = Taft The tuft is split in two by a wheel’s son.

28 Wheel’s Son = Wilson The wheel grows ears and hears a ding.

29 Hear Ding = Harding Kool-aid flows from the bell and fills the Kool-aid guy.

30 Kool-Aid = Coolidge The Kool-Aid guy vacuums…

31 Hoover vacuum = Hoover …up some rose with a belt’s peddles.

32 Rose Belt = Roosevelt The rose’s thorns grow into arms with hands. This one is saying “Scout’s Honor”.

33 Honest = True Man = Truman
He then throws eyes into some flour.

34 Eyes in Flour = Eisenhower
The eyes are picked up by a Ken doll.

35 Ken Doll = Kennedy They still aren’t dry enough so he shakes on some baby powder but drops the bottle.

36 Johnson’s Baby Powder = Johnson
It nicked some plates…

37 Nicked some (plates) = Nixon
That become tires on a Ford.

38 Ford Car = Ford There is a cart on top of the Ford.

39 Cart = Carter It turns into a ray gun.

40 Rag gun = Reagan …that shoots off the top of a bush which makes it so light it floats up…

41 Bush = Bush Until they attach a clean ton which makes it….

42 Clean Ton = Clinton Crash back down onto another bush…

43 Bush = Bush …splitting it into a “W”. The has berries on it that look like “Os”.

44 Berries that look like “Os” = Obama

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