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Six Year Plan Meeting the state targets Region Meeting August 16, 2007.

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1 Six Year Plan Meeting the state targets Region Meeting August 16, 2007

2 Guiding our work IDEA 2004 No Child Left Behind Instructional Decision Making State Comprehensive School Improvement Plans Six Year State/Federal Plan District Service Plans

3 Essential Question 1: Are infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who receive early intervention/early childhood special education entering school ready to learn at high levels? Children served in natural environment Early childhood outcomes Child Find LRE ages 3-5

4 Essential Question 2 Are students with disabilities achieving at high levels? Participation in district assessments Proficiency on district assessments Suspension and expulsion Least Restrictive Environment

5 Essential Question 3: Are parents and children/students supported within Early Intervention and Special Education? % of Families reporting Early Intervention services Schools facilitated parent involvement

6 Essential Question 4: Are students with disabilities prepared for success beyond high school? Gap in % of student with disabilities graduating with a regular HS diploma Gap in % of students with disabilities dropping out of HS % of students with disabilities one year after HS competitively employed/ post- secondary

7 General Supervision System: Does the AEA system support compliance with IDEA? Timely and accurate data Procedures and policies Transition Disproportionality

8 How does the Six Year Plan impact our work? Our role is to support the districts in achieving the state targets. Our task is to identify specific actions or steps needed to achieve the goals given our knowledge about the district.

9 Strengths and Needs Each district and/or regions will have areas of focus in relation to the key targets of the six year plan: Early Childhood Proficiency Transition Parental involvement Compliance

10 Work Time Divide into groups depending on assignment, geographic configuration, etc. Review the data and the goals. Identify specific steps which need to occur to help the district achieve the goals.

11 District Six Year Plans Review district plan. Consider: 1.What questions do we still need to answer in collaboration with the district? 2.What problems are suggested by the data? 3.What are steps to address the needs?

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