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SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Title I – No Child Left Behind Colleton County School District 2007-2008.

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1 SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Title I – No Child Left Behind Colleton County School District 2007-2008

2 Supplemental Educational Services Additional academic instruction, tutoring, remediation, and other educational interventions; Approaches are expected to be aligned with SCs academic content standards; Provided outside of the regular school day; Must be high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement; and SES is offered for as long as school is identified for improvement. [Section1116(e)(12)(C)]

3 Student Eligibility All students from low-income families attending Title I schools identified for improvement 2 or more years consecutively; Eligibility is based on free/reduced lunch status only; and If available funds are insufficient to provide SES to all eligible students, the LEA will give priority to the lowest-achieving eligible students.

4 NCLB – AYP TARGETS AYP Groups MathAt least 95% tested ELAAt least 95% tested Other Indicators # need to meet for AYP All Students White Students 13 Afr-Am. Students Low Econ Status N/A 17 Students w/disab. 21 Ltd. Eng Proficient 25 Each addl ethnic grp 29+

5 State (SEA) Responsibilities Identify & approve SES providers; Develop & apply objective criteria to approve providers; Make a list of approved providers available to districts; [Section 1116(e)(4)]

6 State (SEA) Responsibilities Can establish a range of acceptable rates that providers may charge; Determine what constitutes suitable evidence of a demonstrated record of effectiveness; and Evaluate providers & monitor district compliance with law. [Section 1116(e)(4)]

7 SES Providers Faith-based organizations Private Schools Community-based organizations Institutions of higher learning Private businesses Charter schools Online companies An individual or group of individuals May be any public or private (non-profit or for-profit) entity that meets the states criteria for approval [Section 1116(e)(5)(D) and [Section 1116(e)(9)]

8 Local Educational Agency (CCSD) Responsibilities Notify parents about availability of services; [Section 1116(e)(2)(A)] Help a parent select a provider, if asked; [Section 1116(e)(2)(B)] Determine which students should receive services; [Section 1116(e)(2)(C)] Enter into contract with the provider that the parent chooses. [Section 1116(e)(3)]

9 Local Educational Agency (CCSD) Responsibilities Protect the privacy of students; [Section 1116(e)(2)(D)] Spend an amount equal to 20% of the Title I allocation for Choice & SES; [Section 1116(e)(7)] Document that the district has fully met demands for these services; [Section 1116(e)(4)(A)] Adequately publicize the options to parents in understandable formats and multiple forums; and Offer parents a reasonable period of time to investigate their options for either public school choice or SES. [Section 1116(e)(7)]

10 Student Eligibility Bells Elementary Black Street Elementary Cottageville Elementary **(If identified for CSI) Colleton Middle Northside Elementary

11 SES Contract MUST include Description of specific achievement goals and how students progress will be measured; How/when parents and teachers will be notified; A timetable to improve student achievement; Provisions for terminating the agreement; Provisions governing payment for services; Provisions to protect student identity; and Assurances that services provided are consistent with applicable health, safety, and civil rights laws. [Section 1116(e)(3)(C)(D)(E)]

12 Provider Responsibilities Enable a student to attain specific goals in ELA and/or math; Measure students progress toward academic goals; Regularly inform parents and teachers of the progress students are making toward the goals; Adhere to a timetable for improving student achievement; and Provide services that are secular, neutral, and non-ideological. [Section 1116(e)(3)(A)] & [Section 1116(e)(5)(D)]

13 Provider Restrictions May NOT offer financial incentives or gifts to parents and students for signing up for SES services or for switching from another provider; May NOT offer financial incentives or gifts to a school, district, or district employee for enticing students to sign up with a provider; but May offer reasonable incentives or gifts to student enrolled in an SES program for attendance, completion of a task, or student academic achievement.

14 Provider Restrictions A providers employees who are also employees of the district must, if asked for assistance, offer unbiased assistance that focuses on the students specific academic needs and the preferences of the parent; and All state-approved providers must conduct criminal background checks of any employee who will be providing SES to children.

15 Removing a Provider from the Approved List The Office of State and Federal Accountability (SDE) will remove a provider from the approved list IF Evidence shows the provider failed to contribute to increased student achievement; and The provider fails to meet state law(s) concerning SES regulations, guidance and/or policy.

16 Parent Responsibilities Meet eligibility requirements; Choose a provider from the state-approved list; Participate in the creation of achievement goals; Be active participants in the SES program; Notify the Title I office if not satisfied with providers services and want to terminate; and Ensure child attends tutoring sessions regularly. [Section 1116(e)(3)(A)]

17 Elementary Schools - SES Contacts Bells ……………………………..Mrs. Brenda Williams Mrs. Sharon Driggers Black Street ……………….......Mrs. Cheryl Klintworth Mrs. Sonta Reed Cottageville ……………………Ms. Akima Jones Mrs. Amanda Whitley Forest Hills ………………….....Mrs. Tillene Erickson Hendersonville …………......... Ms. Kim Willis Northside ……………………..... Ms. Lynn Anderson Mr. Bruce Williams

18 Middle School SES Contacts Colleton Middle …..............Mrs. Patti Drawdy Mr. Benji Kennedy Mrs. Kathleen Whay Ruffin Middle ………………..Mr. Dean Nettles

19 SDE Approved Providers 07-08 About Face Reading (ELA only) Achieve HighPoints (math only) Achieve Results Services Achieve Success After School Plus BarBelle Learning Bright Futures (ELA only) Club Z! Education Station Failure Free Reading Gurukul Haven Learning Center Harvest Advantage Jefferson Learning Kellys Educational Services People Helping People Sylvan – Charleston Sylvan - Ladson Taylor Learning Resources Urban Achievers

20 Terminating SES The LEA may terminate services if the provider does not meet terms/assurances of the contract; The provider is unable to meet a students achievement goals and the timetable set; and/or The student misses more than 3 sessions without a written excuse.

21 SES Funding Issues Approximately 1800 eligible CCSD students on F/R lunch……….. If the cost per child is $1,184.19 and all eligible children were to participate, SES would cost……….... $2,131,542.00

22 SES Sign-up Procedure October 3rd – SES letters & application sent home through students Enrollment Period – 6 weeks (until November 16) In addition to the letter and application, The Title I office will advertise through the following means: Flyers Newspapers CCSD website Automated Dialer Applications available at the schools Providers have access to enrollment applications to distribute to parents

23 SES Start-up Procedure October 2 – November 16 Enrollment period for eligible students from Bells Elementary, Black Street Elementary, Northside Elementary, and Colleton Middle Schools NOTE:Cottageville parents will have six weeks to sign up once information has been distributed November 1 – December 1 Contracts signed and Student Learning Plans completed. Services can begin once the Learning Plan & contract have been submitted to the Title I Office. Title I Office will be the last entity to sign the contract.

24 SES Services 07-08 November 16 – June 30 Tutoring services rendered according to calendar dates outlined in contract; At the very least, monthly student progress reports are to be sent to the Title I Office, the schools, and parents; Student attendance monitored – only 3 unexcused absences to terminate services; and Providers bill the district monthly for services provided. Cayen Systems software to manage data and billing (training for district & providers – October 11).

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