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1 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Building Productive Relationships with Approved Providers and Developing SES Student Learning Plans that Maximize.

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1 1 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Building Productive Relationships with Approved Providers and Developing SES Student Learning Plans that Maximize the Likelihood of Improving Student Achievement October 5, 2010 Title I Technical Assistance and Networking Session Kenneth Klau, Accountability Coordinator

2 2 Overview Introductions and Transitions Enrollment Policies Provider Pool Contracts/Agreements Opportunities for Parents SES Student Learning Plans Provider Relationship Compliance and Recordkeeping Contact Information Bird Walk

3 3 First, Some Levity Moosylvania Between the U.S. and Canada, in Veronica Lake The U.S. claims that it is part of Canada, and Canada claims that is part of the U.S. Bullwinkle vacations in Moosylvania because "after two weeks here, anyplace else feels like Heaven." Massachusetts Nicknamed the "Cradle of Liberty It's illegal to keep a mule on the second floor of a building not in a city unless there are 2 exits (MGL Chapter 272 section 86) In Marlborough, it is illegal to buy, sell or possess a squirt gun or silly string (Ord. No. 88-2468A)

4 4 Enrollment Policies Moosylvania District Has little knowledge of SES, the schools in the district that have to offer it, or the students in those schools who are eligible Massachusetts Districts Use prior and current year accountability data to identify which schools will or may have to provide SES Set aside funds for SES and parent/guardian outreach on their Title I, Part A grant application Know how many students they can serve and the maximum amount they can spend per student Have a plan for prioritizing which students can receive SES if not all eligible students can be served

5 5 Provider Pool Moosylvania District Is unaware of the providers approved to serve it, the likelihood the provider will be able to serve students if selected, the providers program design, or the student populations they can serve if selected by a parent Massachusetts Districts Use the ESE website to identify all providers approved to serve the district Know which providers have experience serving students with disabilities and English language learners Know which providers are approved to serve particular grades and subject areas Have contacted each provider to determine the minimum number of students it needs to serve to be viable, and refines their list accordingly

6 6 Contracts/Agreements Moosylvania District Contracts/agreements are vague and lack key information about billing procedures, health and safety, and other logistics Massachusetts Districts Contracts/agreements cover fees, frequency of payments, payment conditions, termination provisions, confidentiality provisions, a CORI provision, a provision assuring services will be provided in a manner consistent with applicable health, safety, and civil rights laws, and a provision requiring a minimum of 25 hours of group instruction or 22 hours of individual instruction

7 7 Opportunities for Parents Moosylvania District Parents have limited opportunities to learn about or sign their child up for SES Massachusetts Districts Notify parents in writing at the beginning of the school year of the continuing status of the school (s) and of the availability of SES for their child Offer a minimum of two enrollment windows at separate points in the school year Partner with outside groups to spread the word about SES Hold provider fairs Have a designated contact person, accessible via phone, email, or in person, whom parents can contact with questions Make the registration process as open and accessible as possible

8 8 SES Student Learning Plans Moosylvania District Matches parents with providers, but principals and/or teachers are generally unaware of the content or effectiveness of the services their children receive Massachusetts Districts Enter into an agreement with the provider to develop an SES Student Learning Plan based on information they gives to SES providers on the students academic needs Include specific academic achievement goals for the student Include a description of how the students progress will be measured and how the students parents and teachers will be informed of that progress at least three times over the life of the plan Include a timetable for improving the students achievement Ensure learning plans are consistent with the students IEP or Section 504 plan

9 9 Provider Relationship Moosylvania District Communications between the district and the provider are infrequent and only tend to occur when there is a problem Massachusetts Districts Maintain an open and collaborative relationship with providers in monitoring the implementation of SES according to the contract/agreement Has designated a contact person in the district and with each provider, who share information regularly throughout the year on matters such as student attendance, student progress, and the use of school facilities Give all providers, especially newly approved providers, equitable access to school facilities, provider fairs, and any meetings in which contracts/agreements or learning plans are discussed

10 10 Compliance and Recordkeeping Moosylvania District Does not prominently display on its website information student participation in SES or a list of providers approved to serve the district Does not have a means of collecting data on student participation in SES throughout the year There is a last-minute rush at the end of the fiscal year to submit the required data to ESE Massachusetts Districts Use the ESE data collection tool to collect information for each student served: the name of the provider(s) who provided services during the school year, the subject area(s), the number of hours of services completed, the total amount billed, the rate type (whether group or individual), and the starting and ending date of services Prominently display on their websites (1) the number of students who were eligible for and the number of students who participated in SES, and (2) the list of providers approved by the state to serve in the district and the locations where services are provided

11 11 Contact Information Website Telephone781-338-6328

12 12 Bird Walk

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