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2 How can VIB enhance your success?

3 Content Branch and Correspondent bank network
Vietnam International Bank – A trustworthy partner of Enterprises Products and services for enterprise clients Products and services for enterprise managers & staffs VIB’s corporate profile 3

4 Branch network VIB has a large nationwide network with over 120 branches and transaction offices, which is rapidly getting ever larger. VIB's transaction area 4

5 Correspondent Bank Network
Worldwide network of 1000 correspondent banks in over 100 countries all over the world. The system of VIB's Nostro accounts appears in 20 foreign leading banks with a wide range of hard foreign currencies Maintain close relationship with the leading banks in the world, such as Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Wells Fargo Provided credit lines by correspondent banks amounted to millions USD for trade finance VIB is one of ten banks in Vietnam which is selected and granted credit lines by ADB on Trade Finance Facilitation Program (TFFP). By participating in the program, VIB is recognized by more than 400 banks worldwide in terms of L/C confirming 5

6 Why choose VIB as your trustworthy partner on the way of development?
VIB - Trustworthy partner of Enteprises Why choose VIB as your trustworthy partner on the way of development? Being one of the first commercial joint stock banks and in five recent consecutive years, VIB has continuously been in the top of Vietnam ‘s five leading commercial joint stock banks in Viet Nam with NPL ratio under 2%. We always do our best efforts to become one of Vietnam’s top three commercial joint stock banks in 2013. CBA, one of the world 20 safest banks, becomes a strategic shareholder Customers are central to all VIB’s activities. Our vision is to be the most innovative and customer-centric bank of Vietnam Continuously ranked as "Strong financial status" amongst Vietnam leading banks by Moody's, the world leader in credit rating services Diversified products and services, flexible and outstanding financial solutions are based on modern technologies. Particularly, VIB focuses on developing specific product packages for target segments. VIB is proud of various certificates and merits awarded by prestigious international and national organizations 6

7 Diversified products, services and wide range of benefits for enterprise clients

8 Products & Services for Enterprise Customer
Product Portfolio Loan Trade finance Forex services Cash Management service Factoring Others Quick financing International payment Account services Corporate Bond Spot Domestic factoring Quick financing for flexible capital Payment account L/C Swap Economic account 50 Accounting overdraft Collection service Online banking VIB4U 100 Overnight payment account Valuable paper collateral loan Export financing Forward Term deposit Online account Medium & Long-term financing Import financing Bank transfer Option Online bank transfer Loan based on assess Domestic Bank guarantee Medium & Long term loan/ Finance project International Online lending Payroll Domestic guarantee Syndicated loan Online LC opening Custody Services International Guarantee Trusted loan 8

9 Flexible financial solutions meet all working capital needs
Quick financing for working capital Flexible financial solutions meet all working capital needs Financing for working capital Fast and convenient procedures Competitive and flexible interest Flexible collaterals, convenient and various forms of loans. Credit limits is suitable with demand, business period. Additional benefits with modern technology such as: fund withdrawn, re- payment the loan, information query with online banking VIB4U service, internet Banking. Special benefit from Accounting Overdraft of VIB: Allow to make draft excess of the balance of VND payment account with overdraft limit and flexible term, you may withdraw at any VIB’s branches or right at your office through VIB4U. Accounting Overdraft Valuable paper collateral loan 9

10 Expanding business by firm financial lever
Medium & long-term financing Expanding business by firm financial lever Loan for fixed-asset investment Loan for project Syndicated loan Trusted loan Meet your need of medium/long-term funds for new project investment. Expanding business by financial lever, overcome lack of medium and long term capital, Financing ratio can be up 100% of the project cost Competitive interest rates, proper grace period. Flexible collaterals: All kind of normal collaterals are accepted. Especially, VIB can accept those assets which are originated from loans… Financial solution consultation: Free consulting on medium and long-term financial solutions by our enthusiasm, experienced, and knowledgeable staff 10

11 International Payment
VIB is the first bank in Vietnam applying Trade Hub model with updated technology and experienced experts TTR L/C issuing L/C, D/P, D/A announcing L/C, D/P, D/A payment Quick transferring & payment, support tracking cash flow routine with wide branch network , modern & comprehensive technology. Make and process document promptly and exactly with Trade hub centre in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh. Market information support, foreign trade contract advising service and document making consultation Favorable, flexible and competitive service charge. VIB4U online banking help you to open L/C, cash management and check L/C condition at every time and in everywhere just by one Internet – access computer. Continuously received award of Excellent bank in International payment by Citigroup, HSBC, Wachovia Bank (now belong to Wells Fargo Bank). 11

12 Enhancing prestige of Vietnamese Importers
A-Z services importers Enhancing prestige of Vietnamese Importers Free advisory services for trade finance operations Preferential, competitive, flexible service charges. High financing rates, up to 95% of L/C value, with preferential interest rates, flexible collaterals The most competitive buying & selling foreign exchange rates Import finance and international payment services by following methods: Telegraphic transfer (T/T), Documents against Payment (D/P), Documents against Acceptance ( D/A), Letter of credit ( L/C) Issuing L/C with a preferential and flexible deposit rates. Endorsing Bills of Lading (B/L)/Issuing guarantee for receiving goods. Trade financing in multi-currencies, preferential foreign exchange rates Advisory services for import transactions: international payment risk, foreign exchange risk, the best insurance solutions with reasonable prices provided by Vietnam’s leading insurance companies-VIB’s partners. 12

13 More goods exported, More money received
A-Z Services for exporters More goods exported, More money received Free advisory service on foreign exchange rate risk Favorable, competitive, flexible service charges Financing before and after shipment with high financing rates ( up to 95% of L/C value), favorable interest rates, flexible collaterals The most competitive buying & selling foreign exchange rates Export financing Before and/or After shipment with diversified services: Export financing in VND with super favorable interest rates, Bills of exchange Negotiation, Export documents negotiation, Quick export financing.. Free of charge L/C Advising, L/C term and conditions checking services. Collect proceeds of shipping documents under L/C and D/P, D/A. Advisory services in terms and conditions of export L/C and export document preparation Consulting the best insurance solution with preferential prices provided by Vietnam’s leading insurance companies-VIB’s partners. 13

14 Bring you the golden trust
Bank Guarantee Bring you the golden trust Domestic guarantees With VIB’s famous trademark, not only your prestige will be certainly improved, but also your business operation is successful Competitive and affordable deposit. Benefit a wide range of competitive and various charges and commissions. Prompt and convenient procedures… With frequent needs for guarantee, VIB will provide you with a credit line for guarantee to maximize benefit in your trade business (Tender guarantee, Performance guarantee, Advance payment guarantee, Payment guarantee, loan guarantee, others…) International guarantee (Letter of Guarantee, Guarantee Confirmation) 14

15 Full range of foreign exchange products for all needs
Forex services Full range of foreign exchange products for all needs All your needs of foreign exchange are met: import/export payment, loan repayment. Provide with the most satisfactory full package solution of foreign exchange fund management with the most competitive and flexible exchange rate. Free fast updated all information of foreign exchange rate marked to both domestic and international markets constantly during the day via , telephone, and fax or at any VIB’s branch. Prompt, safe, accurate and effective transaction procedures Free advisory services served by devoted and professional staff on risk prevention and the most effective foreign exchange business solution. Spot Swap Forward Option 15

16 Full range of foreign exchange products for all needs
Cash Management Services Full range of foreign exchange products for all needs Receivables Management Decreasing maximum time, cash management expenditures, helps to manage account receivables, account payables effectively, follows and take the initiative business’s source of financing. Modern technology, automatic transfer from many subsidiary accounts to main account and contrary-maximize interest To be updated information every second from accounts receivable, payable through VIB4U and Mobil Banking. Overdraft is available Payables Management Liquidity Management 16

17 Account service Convenient transaction, maximum profit
Payment account. 100 Overnight payment account Economic account 50 ( EA50) Have a chance choosing prosperous, lucky payment account number as per request. Opening account service can be served at your office. Current account with high interest rate, competitive and preferential transaction fees. Free of charge remittance in VIB brand network. Actively query, update deposit account information via VIB4U online banking service and Mobile Banking. Diversified transaction channels, providing favorable, economical and convenient conditions for you while processing account transaction, deposit contract via fax/scan/ . Especially, the money in your account will be enhanced in maximum way and benefited up to 7 levels of accumulated interest rate with 100 Overnight payment account”. Extremely economic and convenient with EA50. 17

18 Term Deposit Term Interest rate Currency
Wide range of terms :1 week, 3 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year… Wide range of currencies: VND, USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP, … Account cash is guaranteed to be safe, profitable with attractive interest rate… Note: Allowed to withdraw capital flexibly when needed. Allowed to use term deposit contract as collateral for third party 18

19 International Remittance
Remittance Service Domestic Remittance International Remittance Credit immediately for the same system account Free of charge remittance in the same system and receiving payment Payment and receiving payment in all provinces, cities by diversified payment channels, modern technology system with express, safety and security.. VIB consults intelligent remittance channels ensuring shortest time and the most economical outward remittance. Wide correspondent bank network all around the world International Swift payment standard Modern technology system Especially: transaction via Fax/ scan/ and online remittance via VIB4U, which help custome save time because they do not need to go to the bank. For many consecutive years, VIB has been awarded by many international financial organizations such as: Citibank , HSBC.. For the best payment settling service By diversified currency resource, VIB commits to provide foreign currency for you to pay and buy foreign currency with competitive price 19

20 Benefit for staffs & employees
Payroll service with VIB Value Card Benefit for Corporate Benefit for staffs & employees Avoid risk, lost in using cash, offer security of salary information of each staff. Save cost and human resource for budget management and salary payment, especially, VIB can make free wage payment for enterprises for 2 years. Save time, avoid troublesome procedures when using cash. Especially, direct wage payment can be done via VIB4U online banking service in bulk – One click for hundreds of accounts. Free issuing Purchase and service payment in more than 10,000 POS points, withdraw, transfer, payment on more than 6000 ATMs because VIB take part in Smartlink card system and successful connect with VNBC. Customer can immediately receive information when salary transferred with Mobile banking, query any transaction, balance amount, make any transaction at every time and in every where via VIB4U online banking Can enjoy bank overdraft up to 3 fold salary months – approximately 50 million VND in average 20

21 VIB is Vietnam’s leading bank to provide domestic factoring product
Special benefit from “Domestic Factoring of VIB” Get purchases at one Get money at one SELLER BUYER Sales in term Advance of money Pay in time VIB is Vietnam’s leading bank to provide domestic factoring product Factoring interest, factoring fee: flexible, competitive and favorable Meet maximum your needs for funds with advance of funds up to 85% of receivables' value Flexible factoring term which is 180 days maximum Automatic software helps to manage receivables' value quickly and conveniently Free consultation on factoring form and factoring term With VIB4U online-banking service, you can actively query information of loans and check cash inflow everywhere, every time with just only a computer connected to Internet 21

22 Special program for economic industries
“ VIB supports Vietnamese coffee exporters” Program for coffee industry ‘‘VIB gives strength to seafood industry” Program for seafood industry VIB finances working capital to billions VND for coffee businesses. Provide foreign exchange services with the best foreign exchange rate. VIB finances 1500 billions VND for marine businesses. Provide foreign exchange services with the best foreign exchange rate. ‘VIB cares for gold rice’ Program for rice exporting industry “VIB’s support for wood exporters affirming new position” Program for wood exporter VIB finances 1500 billions VND for rice businesses. Provide foreign exchange services with the best foreign exchange rate VIB finances 1500 billions VND for wood businesses with preferial interest. Provide foreign exchange services with the best foreign exchange rate 22

23 VIB4U Online Banking Just one click and you can use various enterprise finance services promptly and conveniently Interest updated continuously on your current account, loan account and international payment transaction… Transfer to hundreds of accounts on one click, or scheduled automatic transfer Simplified and quick L/C opening, amendment over the Internet, quickly informed of L/C issuance and advanced notice of L/C documents expiry date Up to 4 MB – sized online document package for transfer, L/C opening and request for remittance Advanced and secure technology: VIB4U uses digital certification and token key provided by Verisign, the world- leading security vendor Comprehensive training at your office or via / phone upon your request 23 23

24 Diversified products and lots of benefits for Your staff

25 Products and services for enterprise managers & staff
Product Portfolio Products and services for enterprise managers & staff Credit Deposit Card Fee based services Bundle Current E-SAVINGS account Remittance Home loans VIB chip master card Auto loans & master card Auto loans Banking- insurance Progressive savings Debit card Individual Business loans Personal guaranty Time savings VIB dosmetic prepaid card Unsecured loans Others Gold savings Shares loans Current deposit Study loans Others 25

26 The VIB Chip Master card
Products and Services for Managers The VIB Chip Master card Buy now, pay later, maximum credit limit for the first issue is five month salary and less than 200 millions VND . Minimum installment of 10% monthly payable amount Use Chip technology with highest safety and security Use withdraw in millions ATM, purchase online or merchant outlets of MasterCard in Viet Nam and all over the world. Issue card quickly, within 1.5 – 3 days. 26

27 Products and Services for Managers
Home loans Mortgage loans Car loans Maximum loan term up to 180 months The rate of loan is up to 90% of house, land value Attractive interest rates Original grace period up to 6 months (Model House to establish the business) Maximum loan term up to 36 months High financing amounts: up to 200 million Attractive interest rates Simple, convenient procedures Maximum loan term up to 72 months Maximum loan limit: 100% invoice value Special and flexible interest. 27

28 Products and Services for Senior staff
Saving Product Saving Product diversified, flexible term, deposit. Accept deposit with full ranges of currencies and gold. Flexible range from non-term deposit to maximum 36 months. Competitive Interest rates on the market. A various choices of saving products: normal saving, accumulation, gold saving…, especially e-saving product provides outstanding benefit. Stair-up interest rates vary on balance amount at end of day. Online connection two-way between saving account and payment account to ensure unusual payment demand any time. 28

29 A Brief introduction to VIB

30 adfa The Vietnam International Joint Stock Commercial Bank was established on 18 September 1996 under Decision No. 22/QD/NH5 dated 25 January 1996 from the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam Our goal: To be among the Top – 3 Joint Stock Commercial Bank in Viet Nam by 2013 Our vision: To be the most innovative and customer-centric bank of Vietnam Our mission Excel in providing innovative, customer-centric solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers Cultivate a high performance culture, entrepreneurship and openness in our work environment Provide sustainable and attractive returns to our shareholders Support community development Our core values Customer focus Excellence Proactive mind set Teamwork Disciplined 30

31 The highlight awards that VIB has received in recent years
Complimentary flag and certificate from The Governor of State Bank of Vietnam for outstanding performance in Banking contests in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 “Best international payment performers” awarded by international financial institutions such as HSBC, Citigroup, Wells Fargo in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 “Most satisfying services” awarded by Saigon Marketing readers in 2008, 2009, 2010 “Famous Competitive Brand” super cup awarded by Vietnam Intellectual Property Bureau in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Strong financial ratings amongst Vietnam biggest banks - by Moody’s, the leading rating agency worldwide “Vietnam strong brand” awarded by Vietnam Economic Times in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Ranked the 3rd amongst 500 biggest private enterprises in 2007 (provided by Vietnamnet & Vietnam Report) “Golden Globe” awarded by VCCI in 2007 31

32 VIB Overview : 2005-2009 Majour figures: Năm 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Total assets (unit: VND in Tril) 9 17 39 35 57 Mobilization (unit: VND in Tril) 5 10 19 24 34 Loans (unit: VND in Tril) 20 27 Profit before tax (unit: VND in Bil.) 95 200 426 230 614 32

33 Strategic shareholder
Commonwealth of Australia (CBA) CBA is not only one of the top 20 safest banks in the world but also one of the top 14 banks in the word in the field of market capitalization As part of the strategic partnership, the “Technical Assistance Program” and “Capability Transfer Program” will be established to further enhance the operational and commercial capabilities of VIB. Mr. Han Ngoc Vu – VIB’s Chairman of the Board and CBA’s Simon Blair – Director of Global Finance at the announcing ceremony of strategic partnership between VIB and CBA 33

34 VIB Clients & Major Partners
VIB majour clients Vietnam Oil and Gas Group Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group Vietnam Post & Telecom Group Vietnam Textile Group The Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group Vietnam Rubber Group. Saigon Brewery Corporation (Sabeco) Vietnam Airlines. Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation. Vietnam National Shipping Lines. Construction Corporation No 1 Parkson Vietnam Core target segments Exports Rice Seafood processing Coffee Wood processing Electronics Textile & garment Imports Petroleum Electronics and Machinery Textile input material Chemical Pulp and Papers Animal food 34

35 Contact us now to enjoy the best financial products & services
VIB’s nation-wide branch network Website: Hot line: (84-4) 35 35 35



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