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“The CARD You Can BANK On!™” Virtual Money®. The Product The hallmark product is the Virtual Money® Card™, a stored value pin based debit card, perfectly.

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1 “The CARD You Can BANK On!™” Virtual Money®

2 The Product The hallmark product is the Virtual Money® Card™, a stored value pin based debit card, perfectly suited for efficient, cost effective international money transfers It is the new form of cash and is potentially the world’s first international POS card The Vision For TechKonnecT to become the world’s leading distribution channel for products developed by Virtual Money® TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents Virtual Money®

3 History As the company developed e-payment processing products in 1997, it became aware of emerging opportunities worldwide that were much greater than those in electronic commerce alone: Employers wanted to simplify their payroll systems Retail merchants wanted to increase store traffic and offer their customers more options Consumers wanted more flexibility and security when making payments TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

4 Virtual Money® The Company Virtual Money Inc. was incorporated in March 2000 as a privately held company based in Texas, USA The management team has extensive knowledge and resources in the banking, technology, direct marketing, and electronic payment industries The core products are based on current efficient technologies, not outdated legacy systems The company owns a significant intellectual property set, and secured a registered trademark for the unique and descriptive name, Virtual Money®, as well as marks for the Virtual Money® Card™, and our logo, “The CARD You Can BANK On!™” TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

5 Virtual Money® What is TechKonnecT TechKonnecT is a Virtual Money® Authorized Independent Agent The principals of TechKonnecT are CJ Henderson & John Hepburn. TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

6 Virtual Money® The principals of TechKonnecT CJ and John both run successful businesses spanning 4 countries. This is one of the key reasons for them being interested in Virtual Money ®, the business spans over 120 countries world wide. Together the principals can offer a wealth of management talent and experience well suited to the mission they have established with Virtual Money Inc. TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

7 Virtual Money® Consumer Benefits No personal bank account needed No credit checks required Facilitation of the transfer of funds to another card holder at a much lower cost than that of current options Overseas travellers benefit from preferred exchange rates and low transaction fees Money withdrawal at any Cirrus ATM machine worldwide EFTPOS capable No credit fees, overdraft charges, late fees or interest charges are ever added Security of a pin Monetary privacy Better security than cash Easy to use and easier to carry than cash Instant card to card transactions Balance recovery by cardholder in the case of a lost card Immediate anytime access to account information via the Virtual Money® website or telephone TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

8 Virtual Money® Merchant Benefits Real-time attachment of funds No charge-backs Lower rates than other forms of payment Increased market share Zero risk Custom cards available FDIC insured (USA Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

9 Virtual Money® Target Markets Individuals  Overseas travellers  Sponsors (parents) of overseas students  Overseas students themselves  Foreign workers for remittances  Recipients of foreign worker remittances  Those without bank accounts  Those with no credit rating  Those seeking monetary privacy  Those requiring better security for their cash TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

10 Virtual Money® Corporations/Retailers  Network marketing and direct sales companies seeking to simplify their commission payments and product purchasing systems  Travel agencies offering convenient low cost foreign exchange facilities  Corporations with frequent foreign exchange dealings (importers and exporters)  Corporations operating customer loyalty programs  Charities, missionaries, churches  Large online businesses  Welfare departments/government bodies  Employers looking to simplify payroll TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

11 Virtual Money® Current Status There are Master Agents, Agents and Resellers located throughout the world. Virtual Money Inc. is experiencing rapid growth. The Virtual Money® Card™ is being used actively in more than 120 countries in six continents The Virtual Money® Card™ can be used at any one of nearly one million Cirrus ATM machines in 210 countries TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

12 Virtual Money® How does it work? Virtual Money® Card™ 1.Registration (by VM Merchant) 2.Activation (by Cardholder) 3.Loading (by Cardholder or Retail Loading Station) 4.Use TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

13 Virtual Money® How does it work? Instant funds transfer from any Virtual Money® Card™ to any other Virtual Money® Card™ via internet or touch tone telephone The Virtual Money® Card™ also allows cardholders to transfer funds from their card to a bank account. Virtual Money® also has design and pricing controls on this product that allows the Company to create specialised services that are attached to the card. TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

14 “The CARD You Can BANK On!™” Virtual Money®

15 What do we offer: A low risk opportunity to build a global business An entrepreneurial young company looking for partners with whom to shape the future A vision: to help develop the world’s first and leading international EFTPOS card A mission: to be part of the world’s leading distribution channel for Virtual Money products and to develop residual income for agents at all levels The chance to become a member of a professional team with experience in:  Financial markets  Retail markets  Corporate structures and politics  Finance and Accounting  The IT industry  Network Marketing and Direct Sales Organisations TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

16 Virtual Money® Business Structure Master Agent Reseller Merchant Employer Reseller Merchant Employer Cardholder Merchant Employer Cardholder Master Agent TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents Virtual Money Franchise Fee In USD Profit Margin Master Agent85,000100% Agent30,00060% Reseller10,00035% Merchant2,50010% Employer1950% Cardholder NA program

17 Virtual Money® Virtual Money® agents can operate anywhere in the world! There are no territorial boundaries. “Money should have no boundaries!” - Authorized Agents

18 Virtual Money® Current average commission paid to a Master Agent: USA: USD 12.70 per month per cardholder Australia: AUD 5 per month per cardholder (before EFTPOS) Example: 5,000 cardholder = 25,000 AUD per month 10,000 cardholder = 50,000 AUD per month Expectation: 10 A$ per month per cardholder as soon as EFTPOS is available TechKonnecT – Authorized Agents

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