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Our Solar System Created by Tina Maloy.

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1 Our Solar System Created by Tina Maloy

2 Our Solar System A Solar System is a group of objects in space that move around a central star. It contains: The sun Nine Planets Moons Asteroids Comets

3 The Sun Our Sun is a star. Each planet revolves around the sun and rotates on its own axis. The sun is a burning sphere of gas. The time it takes a planet to orbit around the sun is called a year.

4 The Planets There are nine planets in our Solar System.
Inner Planets Lie between the Sun and the asteroid belt Mercury Venus Earth Mars Rocky and Dense Planets. Outer Planets On the other side of the asteroid belt Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Gas Giants

5 Inner Planets Venus Mars Earth Mercury

6 Mercury The planet closest to the sun It does not have an atmosphere
Covered with craters Looks like the moon

7 Venus The second planet from the sun Same size as the Earth
Dry with a thick atmosphere that traps heat. (887F) Rotation of axis opposite of the Earth

8 Earth Third planet from the sun Largest of the inner planets
Only planet that has liquid water and supports life

9 Mars The Red Planet Fourth Planet from the sun Two Moons
A large volcano “Olympus Mons” Has no life

10 Outer Planets Saturn Uranus Jupiter Pluto Neptune

11 Jupiter Largest Planet in our solar system
It has a thin ring around it. 16 moons A Great Red Spot which is really a giant storm Mostly made of gas Jupiter’s moon Io Giant Red Spot

12 Saturn Well known for its rings
Rings are so bright and wide they can be seen from Earth with a small telescope 18 named moons Rings of Saturn

13 Uranus 7th Planet from the sun blue green ball of gas and liquid
It has at least 21 moons A faint ring around it

14 Neptune The farthest away of the gas giants It has at least 8 moons
It has a faint ring around it

15 Pluto The farthest from the sun Smallest planet Has a rocky surface
Very little light or heat Its moon is Charon

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