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1 Discussion Questions for
And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street By Dr. Seuss

2 Marco’s Father What does Marco’s father tell him to do every day as he leaves for school? Does that seem like good advice? Why? When Marco’s father tells him “Your eyesight’s much too keen” what does he mean? How does Marco’s father describe Marco’s “tales”?

3 Reality What does Marco really see on Mulberry Street?
Is he satisfied with that? Why or why not? What does Marco do next?

4 Changes What changes does Marco make to his story?
Why does he do that? Can you think of a time when you added details to a story? Why did you do that?

5 Motivation Why does Marco want to tell a story that “no one can beat”?
What does he think he will get by telling such a story? What do you think Marco really wants? Do you ever feel like that?

6 What happens next? What happens to Marco’s story as he continues to think about it on his way home? Each time he changes it, what does he do? Why?

7 Home at last! When Marco first gets home, how does he feel? Why?
What happens to change Marco’s feelings? What DOES he tell his father he saw? How do you think Marco feels then? What would you have done? Why?

8 Afterward… What do you think would have happened if Marco had told his father his fantastic story? Is there a difference between using your imagination and lying? What does it mean to “turn minnows into whales? Why does Marco like to do that?

9 Imagine that! Do you think Marco’s father has a good imagination? Why?
Could Marco find a way to share his elaborate story without getting into trouble? How? How could Marco’s father encourage Marco’s creativity? How could Marco encourage his father’s creativity?

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