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Ecosystem Structure.

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1 Ecosystem Structure

2 Passing of Energy All Energy starts from the sun
Photosynthetic plants convert energy from the sun into food The energy moves through the ecosystem as one organism eats another

3 Autotrophs / Producers
An organism that converts the sun’s energy (or inorganic substances) into food

4 Heterotrophs / Consumers
Organisms that obtain energy by eating other organisms Can eat plants or animals

5 Food Chains A model of the flow of energy through organisms in a community Flow of energy is shown by arrows

6 Transferred Energy At each step in the food chain only 10% energy is passed to the organism 90% of the energy is lost in the form of HEAT 90% HEAT

7 Trophic Levels Each step in the transfer of energy
Producers are 1st trophic level… they form the base of all food chains

8 Primary Consumers / Herbivores
Feed directly on producers Make up the 2nd trophic level

9 Secondary & Tertiary Consumers / Carnivores
Eat only meat Feed on primary & secondary consumers Make up the 3rd and 4th trophic levels

10 Omnivores Eat both producers and consumers

11 Scavengers Consumer that feeds on the tissue of dead animals

12 Decomposers (recyclers)
Feed on wastes and dead organic matter from all trophic levels

13 Ecological Pyramid Shows the relationship between producers & consumers in 3 ways: Biomass Energy # of organisms

14 Biomass Total mass of all organisms in a food chain or ecological community

15 Biomass Pyramid There is less biomass as you move up trophic levels

16 Energy Pyramid & 10% Law Only 10% of energy is passed to next level
1st trophic level is important in determining the rest of the levels

17 # of organism pyramid Population of each trophic level decreases as you move up the trophic levels

18 Food Web Shows the interconnected food chains in a community or ecosystem A lot of food chains together

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