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What is Public Policy? D. K. ODell With respect to the Center for Civic Education.

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1 What is Public Policy? D. K. ODell With respect to the Center for Civic Education

2 Public Policy… … is the finalized course of action decided upon by the government. In most cases, policies are widely open to interpretation by non- governmental players, including those in the private sector.

3 What are the spheres of society? For our purposes, society is divided into three areas or spheres; The Private sphere Civic society Government

4 PRIVATE SPHERE This is part of society in which family and friends associate to pursue their private interests within the law, free of unreasonable and unfair intrusion by the government.

5 CIVIL SOCIETY This is the part of society where people associate or interact voluntarily to pursue interests they share. They may do so as individuals or as members of social, economic, or political associations or organizations. Membership is not required by law and they are not part of government.

6 GOVERNMENT This part of society includes formal governmental institutions at local, state, and national levels. These include legislative, judicial and executive branches of government at All three levels.

7 Who should deal with certain problems? Sometimes it is very clear what problems and issues should be dealt with by either the private sector, civil society, governmental institutions or a combination of these. Sometimes not so much.

8 SO, WHAT IS PUBLIC POLICY? In democracies, a public policy is a concept or set of ideas that guides a course of action or a procedure used in dealing with public issues or problems.

9 DEFINING PUBLIC POLICY CONTINUES Public policies are often embodied in laws, rules, or regulations or agreed upon procedures used by government to fulfill its responsibilities to protect the rights of the people and to promote the general welfare.

10 Public policy serves to… Distribute certain benefits and burdens of society EX. Free public education Manage the allocations of resources EX. Resources such as lumber, water Manage conflict EX. Provides for a system of courts

11 Creating public policy… Local, state and national levels of government create public policy. Government also carry out and manage public policy. Examples; A local government might promote conservation by establishing a public policy requiring people to recycle. A state government might hold hearings to listen to disputes among people over the proper use of public lands.

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