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Circulatory System A picture of the circulatory system.

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1 Circulatory System A picture of the circulatory system.

2 What is the function of the circulatory system? The function of the circulatory system is divided into two parts. The cardiovascular system delivers nutrients to the cells of the body through the blood. Blood is pumped by the heart and carried to the tissues and cells through the blood vessels.

3 What are the parts of the circulatory system?. The parts of the circulatory system are the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood.

4 What does each part of the system do? The heart pumps blood throughout the body. The veins carry blood back to the heart. (the blue color is used to show blood with carbon dioxide) The artery carries blood away from the heart.

5 How does the circulatory system work with and help other systems? The human body is made up of many organ systems that work together to make the body function properly. Your circulatory system and respiratory system work together to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide through your body.

6 How do you think we could keep our circulatory system healthy? We can keep your body fit and in shape and by avoiding junk food.

7 Fun Fact #1 If you put all of your blood vessels in a line they would stretch around the earth's equator 2 ½ times!

8 Fun Fact #2 Your heart will beat more than 2 billion times in your life.

9 Fun Fact #3 Between one and two gallons of blood are pumped through your heart every minute.

10 Fun Fact #4 Some capillaries are 50 times thinner than a baby's hair.

11 Thank You for watching my slide show! By: Andy Circulatory system slide show

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