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Chapter 1 Converging Cultures

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1 Chapter 1 Converging Cultures

2 Chapter 1 – Key Concepts Causes for early settler migration
Ice Age, exposure of land as water levels receded Beringia Following food Crusades (New desire for exploration) Improving European economy, expanded trade New Technology (Renaissance) Slavery

3 Chapter 1 – Key Concepts Where did the early settlers come from
Asia (Native Americans) Europe (Vikings, Spain) Africa (Slavery)

4 Chapter 1 – Key Concepts What civilizations arose? Maya Aztec
American Indians Hohokam Anasazi Adena and Hopewell Mississippian European (Spain)

5 Chapter 1 – Key Concepts Early European Explorers Leif Ericsson
Christopher Columbus Amerigo Vespucci Juan Ponce de Leon Vasco de Balboa Ferdinand Magellan

6 Chapter 1 – Key Concepts Exchanges between the old and new worlds
Columbian Exchange Food Animals Disease

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