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Who were the first Americans and how did they get here?

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1 Who were the first Americans and how did they get here?

2 Converging Cultures Chapter 1

3 Impact of Converging Cultures
Our food Contact between cultures profoundly changed the society of each Our society contains elements of Native American, African, and European influence

4 Before Contact Early Native American Culture

5 Where did they come from?
The first settlers may have crossed the Bering Strait Beringia Probably hunters in search of game 14,000 to 10,500 B.C Oldest discovery- Oregon, 14,300 years

6 Where did they come from?
More recent research- Traveled by boat, not on foot Traveled along coast to Southern Chile- Mount Verde Settled various points along the way Most probable explanation

7 Other Theories of Migration
Bering strait- 40,000 years ago Not likely before 13,000 B.C. as there is limited data to support claim From South Pacific by ship Again little data- Polynesians?

8 Where’s the Proof? Proving the Land Bridge
Radiocarbon Data- Measures radioactivity of Carbon 14 Ice Age- Water levels do drop Nomadic people travel after game Wooly Mammoth


10 Early Civilizations Agricultural Revolution about 9,000 years ago
Allows development of civilization Began in Mesoamerica (Middle) Pumpkin, squash, beans, peppers, maize (corn)

11 Mesoamerican Cultures
Olmec and Maya Mayan Temple Obsidian

12 Mesoamerican Cultures
Toltec and Aztec Toltec temple and stautes Aztec Temples

13 North American Cultures
Hohokam Irrigation Canals

14 North American Cultures
Anasazi (Ancient Ones) Pueblos

15 North American Cultures
Adena and Hopewell Hopewell Pottery Adena Serpent Burial Mound

16 North American Cultures
Mississippian Culture- Moundville, Al Cahokia’s flat top pyramids

17 Turn to page 17 Please complete question 6, the Graphic Organizer. Include: Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Aztec, Hohokam, Anasazi, Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian Cultures.

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