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March 10, 2015 Second Public Hearing 1.  Workshop proposed ULDC changes: 1/27/15  Request to Advertise: 1/27/15  First Public Hearing: 2/24/15  Second.

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Presentation on theme: "March 10, 2015 Second Public Hearing 1.  Workshop proposed ULDC changes: 1/27/15  Request to Advertise: 1/27/15  First Public Hearing: 2/24/15  Second."— Presentation transcript:

1 March 10, 2015 Second Public Hearing 1

2  Workshop proposed ULDC changes: 1/27/15  Request to Advertise: 1/27/15  First Public Hearing: 2/24/15  Second Public Hearing: 3/10/15 2

3  Propose Comprehensive Plan language for limited industrial uses related to wood processing in Rural/Agriculture land use  Create allowance for Mobile Food Trucks  Provide more flexibility for design of pedestrian sidewalks in TNDs.  Define masonry as relates to requirements for walls or screening 3

4  Comprehensive Plan language adopted January 27th  Amend recently adopted Wood Processing Facility code by: ◦ Allowing processing of treated wood products ◦ Limiting square footage of buildings associated with wood processing facility unless otherwise approved by BoCC ◦ Allowing BoCC to determine whether the facility must be on a paved public road ◦ Requires Special Exception approval by BoCC 4

5  Added Mobile Food Sales as a new use on the Use Table in Chapter 404  Created requirements in Code: ◦ Permit from Growth Management Department ◦ Site requirements including placement, sales, hours of operation ◦ Not allowed on vacant lots  May revise further in the future following outcome of Gainesville’s process and review by stakeholders 5

6 In the Transit Supportive Area sidewalks shall be provided on both sides of streets. The DRC may approve a cross-section that includes a sidewalk on only one side of a street in limited situations where a single sidewalk would not reduce pedestrian circulation. Streetscape elements within the Transit Supportive Area shall include pedestrian scale lighting, street furniture, waste receptacles, locational maps, planters and street trees. Required minimum sidewalk widths are clear widths and additional width may be required to provide streetscape elements. 6

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9  Where screening is required or proposed in conjunction with a project boundary shall consist of:  a.a minimum six foot tall masonry wall, such as brick, stone, granite, concrete block or concrete panels;  b.a minimum six  foot tall opaque fence,  such as vinyl or wood  (no chain link); 9

10  Section 402.20 (b)2. Demonstration of Good Faith Efforts  An application shall include a demonstration of good faith efforts to comply with applicable time limits by including at least one or more of the following items, dependent upon the type of development order requested for extension:  the completion or status of site development improvements including substantial and on-going site clearing, grading and the substantial and on- going construction of stormwater management facilities, if applicable 10

11 11 Section 404.108 Dock Clarified language and added descriptive picture – no new requirements

12  Table 406.16.2 – removed two plant species from discourage planting list as they are now on the prohibited planting list:  Scratchthroat/coral ardisia and Chinese privet  Section 407.54 Secondary Open Space ◦ Amended language to clarify that correctly designed stormwater basins may count towards only half of required open space 12

13  Combined Sections 407.75 and 407.83 (d)  Family Homestead Subdivisions  Added provision that Family Homestead Subdivisions expire within one year of approval if registered survey not recorded  provide owners future assurance of permitting a single family residence  Notice to future owners 13

14  Section 407.109 Exception from Connection to Centralized Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer System Requirement ◦ Changed requirement from posting of a bond or other financial guarantee to recording of a deed to ensure future connection 14

15  Section 407.133 (e)  Additional traffic data. The following additional traffic data collected within one year of final submittal shall be required for class III and class IV connections and may be required by the County Engineer for class II: 15

16  407.136 Other Access Management Considerations ◦ Revised requirement for left turn lanes ◦ Revised Requirement for deceleration lanes 407.136 (b)4 Class II, III and IV connections to a two-lane collector or arterial roadway with a posted design speed limit of 45 50 mph or greater shall require a deceleration lane. Class II connections may require a deceleration taper. Final determination on Class II tapers will be based on proposed land use and safety and operational characteristics at the proposed location. 16

17  Section 408.12 Nonconforming Use of Structure ◦ deleted maximum size requirement for replacement of nonconforming mobile homes  Chapter 410 Definitions  Amended/Added definitions ◦ Entertainment and Rec, Floor Area Ratio, Gross Floor Area, Junk, Wood Processing Facility 17

18 1. Convene as the Land Development Regulation Commission and find the proposed amendments consistent with the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan as provided in the staff report. 2. Adopt the ordinance amending the Unified Land Development Code. 18

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