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CBJ Planning Commission Presentation November 9, 2010 Subdivision Ordinance Revision Update.

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1 CBJ Planning Commission Presentation November 9, 2010 Subdivision Ordinance Revision Update

2 Housing & Development Forum Presentation February 25, 2015 Proposed Subdivision Changes

3 What is proposed? Revisions to the Land Use Code regarding the subdivision of land

4 History Existing Code originates from the 1960s Many amendments since then Piecemeal approach to subdivisions Some sections conflict Out of date Repetitive

5 Proposed Goals Make process more predictable Easier to understand Easier to use Encourage orderly development Reflect current subdivision practices Fairly balance and distribute development costs

6 Proposed Subdivision Changes Applications in General: Application cancellation – new section that provides for applications to be cancelled due to inactivity Application withdrawal – new section that provides for applications withdrawn by applicants

7 Proposed Subdivision Changes Common Wall Development Changes: Revised the approval process for common walls for clarity purposes Parking and access section expanded to allow more room for alternative parking scenarios Utilities required to be separate Minimum side yard setback section clarified to reduce confusion

8 Proposed Subdivision Changes Minor Subdivision Changes: Current: 1 to 4 lots Proposed: to 13 lots Director approval Two-step process – preliminary and final plat Notice of Decision issued after preliminary plat Pre-application meeting required Public notice required

9 Proposed Subdivision Changes Major Subdivisions: Current: 5 or more lots Proposed: 14 or more lots Planning Commission approval Two-step process – preliminary and final plat Pre-application required Sketch plat required No longer reviewed like a conditional use permit Public notice required

10 CBJ 49.15.330 Conditional use permit. (a) Purpose. A conditional use is a use that may or may not be appropriate in a particular zoning district according to the character, intensity, or size of that or surrounding uses. The conditional use permit procedure is intended to afford the commission the flexibility necessary to make determinations appropriate to individual sites. The commission may attach to the permit those conditions listed in subsection (g) of this section as well as any further conditions necessary to mitigate external adverse impacts. If the commission determines that these impacts cannot be satisfactorily overcome, the permit shall be denied. The procedures and standards established in this section shall also be applied to major subdivision preliminary plat approval pursuant to section 49.15.430.

11 Proposed Subdivision Changes Other Changes: Public ways/easements vacations – expands vacation process to include easements and other types of rights-of-way Right-of-way acquisitions – will be reviewed through the minor subdivision process with director approval Has less standards than a full subdivision Planning commission approval needed for any creation of substandard parcels

12 Proposed Subdivision Changes Other Subdivision Changes: Remote subdivisions – four sections of Code consolidated into one location Lot consolidations – reviewed as a minor subdivision Public and Quasi-public use lots – lot design requirements can be waived by the director for minors and the PC for majors when the lot serves a public purpose, like a park Panhandle lots – limitation added to length of panhandle

13 Proposed Subdivision Changes Proposed Street Standards Changes: < 250 ADT – sidewalks, curb & gutter, and pavement not required, lights at intersections with external street 251 – 499 ADT– sidewalk and curb & gutter required on one side, pavement required, TIA may be required, lights at intersections 500 + ADT – sidewalk and curb & gutter on both sides, pavement required, lighting required, TIA required

14 Proposed Table of Roadway Standards

15 Proposed Subdivision Changes Right-of-way minimum width reductions – the director may reduce the required right-of- way width Driveways in rights-of-way expanded – the director may permit up to 13 lots or dwellings on a driveway in a right-of-way agreement required for lot owners to construct road if future subdivision/expansion occurs

16 For more information or questions: CBJ Staff Contact : Laura Boyce, Planner (907) 586-0753

17 Significant Changes Summary of Changes: Minor subdivisions increase – 1 - 13 lots Major subdivisions increase – 14 + lots Right-of-way acquisition plat process Street standards Review for major subdivisions changes from conditional use permit review Common wall section refined Construction plan review and approval added

18 Significant Changes Summary of Changes: Notice of Decision issued for approval of preliminary plat – minor subdivision Application cancellation Driveways in rights-of-ways Definitions expanded and added

19 Subdivision Ordinance Update Minor Subdivision (1-4 lots) Intermediate Subdivision (5-12 lots) Major Subdivision (13+ lots) Pre-application/Sketch Plat Draft Plat Preliminary Plat Construction Plans Final Plat Public Notice Proof of availability of water Certificate of Appropriation of Water Shadow plat in transition area

20 More History First part of changes went to PC in 2009 Public improvements section Part II began in 2010 SRC began reviewing in January 2011 Law review in 2012 & 2013 Changes made per Assembly direction Change in leadership Continued SRC review in 2014

21 Existing CodeProposed Code Ch. 15 – Minor & Major Subdivisions Ch. 35 – Public Improvements Ch. 40 – Access Chapter 17 Ch. 70 – Remote Subdivisions Title 4 – Monumentation, Surveying, & Platting Standards

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