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Review on Science Process Skills. Exam info 2013 ction/yt/watch?videoId=7INh-DV0G_w

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1 Review on Science Process Skills

2 Exam info 2013 ction/yt/watch?videoId=7INh-DV0G_w ction/yt/watch?videoId=7INh-DV0G_w

3 AP Biology Science Practice 1: Models and Representations... ction/yt/watch?videoId=v5Nemz_cVew ction/yt/watch?videoId=v5Nemz_cVew Create Describe Refine Use

4 Science practice 2: Using Math yt/watch? yt/watch?videoId=jgqYlSKoXak Justify the selection of a math routine Apply math Estimate quantities

5 Science practice 3 Formulate questions on/yt/watch?videoId=2zB272Ak63A&name= AP+Biology+Practice+3+- +Formulate+Questions&uploadUsername=b ozemanbiology&hitCount=2027 on/yt/watch?videoId=2zB272Ak63A&name= AP+Biology+Practice+3+- +Formulate+Questions&uploadUsername=b ozemanbiology&hitCount=2027 How to ask high level questions, what scientific questions allow us to know what we know? Pose, refine, evaluate questions

6 AP Biology Practice 4 - Data Collection Strategies... ction/yt/watch?videoId=AzTXnne40wU ction/yt/watch?videoId=AzTXnne40wU Justify the selection of data to answer a question. Design a plan to collect data Collect data to answer a question Evaluate sources of data

7 Practice 5 - Perform data analysis and evaluate evidence. Does the data support or not support the a conclusion or hypothesis? Assess the validity of the evidence. Predict the outcome.. Analyze data Refine observations Evaluate evidence n/yt/watch?videoId=WXPBoFDqNVk n/yt/watch?videoId=WXPBoFDqNVk

8 AP Biology Practice 6 - Scientific Explanations and Theories tion/yt/watch?videoId=3gK1xWNM7kk tion/yt/watch?videoId=3gK1xWNM7kk Justify claims with evidence Construct explanations Articulate reasons scientific explanations are refined or replaced. Make a claim based on scientific theories Evaluate alternative scientific explanations

9 Practice 7 Connect and relate Knowledge across concepts Connect phenomena and models across spatial and temporal scales Connect concepts in and across domains to generalize or extrapolate in and across enduring understandings or big ideas.

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