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ISN in a Nutshell Ben Teitelbaum

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1 ISN in a Nutshell Ben Teitelbaum

2 2 What if Succeeded? SIP.edus Big Goals Better than POTS Campus-enabled Converged address But, users wont adopt advanced communications if the rest of the world cant call them The problem is not: How to preserve E.164? rather, the problem is…

3 3 How to SIP from 12-key phones? Cell Phones IP Desk Phones Legacy Desk Phones PSTN Old World Emerging New World

4 4 Head Scratching in WG IVR Gateway Hash Registrar Domain Redirect ISN Improvement on Domain Redirect Inspired by INOC-DBA

5 5 4257*260 ITADs Defined by Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) [RFC3219] Globally unique Lots of them (256 through 2 32 -1) IANA is already set up to allocate ISN resolution works just like ENUM locally assigned Internet Telephony Administrative Domain (ITAD) ITAD Subscriber Numbers (ISN)

6 6 Take an E.164 number Convert it to FQDN Query DNS for NAPTRs Apply resulting regexs to get list of URIs: ENUM in a Nutshell +1-734-913-4257

7 7 Take an ISN Convert it to FQDN Query DNS for NAPTRs Apply resulting regexs to get list of URIs: ISN in a Nutshell 4257*260 Note: We are working to ensure that the ISN root zone will be administered on behalf of the ISN user community by a neutral, non-profit organization. Following the trial, the root may or may not be

8 8 Trial just starting Supported by Internet2, Packet Clearing House, MIT, Tello ISN Cookbook Published Recipes for SER and Asterisk 53 Assigned ITADs (as of 2/24/06) ISN Status

9 9 Assigned ITADs (as of 2/24/06) Academic Internet2 Zeta Psi Educational Foundation Hofstra University MRnet UCLA MIT Stanford University of Alaska Fairbanks University of California, Berkeley Florida State University University of Manitoba Manitoba Education Research and Learning Information Networks (MERLIN) University of Oregon Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) NE Worcestershire College (England) UCSD Corporate Enterprises Sterling National Bank Apple Computer Government State of Oregon VoIP Service Providers Free World Dialup Stealth Communications RCN Corporation Other BizFu (web hosting) Manitoba New Democratic Party Packet Clearing House Various consultants and individuals VoIP Solution Providers Tello Iotum Digium

10 10 ISN in Four Easy Steps 1.Request an ITAD from IANA Simple piece of email 2-week turnaround 2.Publish your ITAD/ISN information in DNS Option1: Put full NAPTR in root zone * IN NAPTR 100 10 "u" "E2U+sip "!^\\+*([^\\*]*)!sip:\\!". Option2: Have root zone delegate to your own nameservers 3.Enable inbound ISN calling 4.Enable outbound ISN calling Option1: Native ISN lookup Option2: Using Tello SIP redirector Option3: Using Tello private ENUM

11 11 More Information ISN Cookbook Web Site Further Questions? Email us… John Todd Ben Teitelbaum Dennis Baron

12 12 Thanks!

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