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Locavores Synthesis Prompt

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1 Locavores Synthesis Prompt
AP English Language and Composition

2 Day 1: Expert Groups

3 Expert Groups Today you will work with a small group to become an expert on one source. Read the source. Summarize the main points. If the source is not text – use visual reading strategies (OPTIC, etc.) Identify prominent points of view, bias, credibility, date, historical context, etc. Write a bullet-point précis pre-write for the source. Prepare a short summary to present for other students who have not studied this source. Remember – you’re the expert!!

4 Day 2: Jigsaw Groups


6 Jigsaw Groups Today you will work with a new group to share your understanding of the source you studied yesterday and to learn about the sources your classmates studied. Take turns reporting out to your classmates. While you are listening to other reports – take notes and ask clarifying questions! Once all sources have been shared: as a group, discuss the similarities and differences between the ideas in the sources. Identify which are “stronger” and which are “weaker” and why. Have a conversation about the types of sources, patterns you notice, and diversity of information. Relate this conversation back to the AP Synthesis essay.

7 Day 3: Deconstruct the Prompt and View Exemplars

8 AP Synthesis Essay Read the prompt & deconstruct it.
Have a conversation with a friend about how to write a thesis statement in response to the prompt. Have a conversation with a friend about how to structure your essay.

9 AP Synthesis Essay - Exemplars
Read the rubric and identify requirements and patterns Read the sample essays. Identify strengths and weaknesses. Notice organization and construction. Score the essays using the rubric. Must come to a consensus – no half scores! Review scores according to released AP commentary

10 Reminders Winter play! Thurs. 11/20 & Fri. 11/21! Go watch the play and write a thoughtful and thorough reflection and earn enrichment in AP English! Blood drive: Fri. 11/21. If you are planning to donate blood, make sure you plan your day accordingly. Do not use this charitable drive as an excuse to miss hard or important classes. Be aware that you may not feel well after donating, and that could affect your performance in classes. All Unit 3 précis re-writes due by Weds. 11/26. I will NOT accept these after the break – if you will be absent on Weds., make a plan and figure it out! We will be in computer lab 104 tomorrow for a special workshop!

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