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Library Media Lesson Jarrett Middle School

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1 Library Media Lesson Jarrett Middle School
Key Word Searches Library Media Lesson Jarrett Middle School

2 Know - Learned Chart What I know (Pre)
Give 5 examples of keywords you would use in today’s search. What I learned (Post) Completed lesson

3 General Learner Outcome
Self Directed Learner - I am responsible for my own learning Complex Thinker - I can think critically and problem solve. Effective and Ethical User of Technology - I can use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically

4 Standards Reading: Use knowledge to construct meaning form informational texts for a variety of purposes. Benchmark LA Use grade-appropriate online and print sources to research a topic

5 Information Literacy Standards
Standard 1: The student who is information literate accesses information efficiently and effectively. Benchmark 1.4 Identifies a variety of potential sources of information

6 MAPS Materials Attitude – ready to work & learn
Internet access MS word worksheet Attitude – ready to work & learn Place – seated at a computer S

7 Hook If you typed in ___, what sites did you find?

8 Essential Question How can I find information efficiently and effectively?

9 Learning Goal 6th – 8th grade students will create and use a list of 7 key words that brings up relevant information regarding their topic.

10 Performing Skills I can: Brainstorm a list of keywords
Match my key words to the sites found Rank the relevancy and usefulness of sites that my key words pulled up Narrow down my list to my top 5 keywords I would recommend and use again.

11 Vocabulary Key Word Relevancy

12 Instruction 1 of 5 Brainstorm
write down at least 7 key words that you think would pull up information on your topic

13 Instruction 2 of 5 Test each keyword
Copy the site title (or url) and rank the relevancy of information found on the site Very useful Just o.k. junk

14 Instruction 3 of 5 Copy the notes that you would use Or
Give a one sentence as to why the site was not useful nor relevant to your search

15 Instruction 4 of 5 List your top 5 key words under “Keyword Recommendation”

16 Instruction 5 of 5 Complete your assessment and reflections

17 Work Samples and Modeling

18 Meets Approaching Not met I was able to complete 100% of my work I was able to complete 70% of my work because… I could only complete 50% of my work because….

19 Reflection What I liked about this lesson is…
I would improve my work for this lesson by… 1) 2) 3)

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