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Connecting to Curriculum

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1 Connecting to Curriculum
Laurette Carle Williamson County Schools

2 I’ve learned so much this week! Now, what?
Reflect and Brainstorm What concepts or topics do I want to fold into my teaching this year? What concepts or topics align best with the standards for my subject or grade level? What concepts or topics will help my students develop their critical thinking skills?

3 Look at your brainstormed list
Choose one topic or concept to be the “big idea” or “essential understanding” that you hope to convey to your students Write your big idea at the top of the planning worksheet provided

4 I have a big idea now! Which standards will I target?
How much time will I spend on this? How can I connect this to students’ prior knowledge or experiences? How can I engage or hook them at the start of this unit of study? What do I expect them to know and be able to do by the end of this unit of study? What assessments will I use to measure their progress?

5 Assessments Think about the variety necessary for a balanced approach to assessment: Formal and Informal Formative and Summative Traditional and Authentic

6 Take the plan further What teaching strategies might I use to help the students reach these learning targets? What resources will I use? What are some possible ways I can differentiate The content (for different abilities)? The instruction (for different learning styles)?

7 Get to Know Your Students
You can’t finalize your plans until you know each of your students! Know their interests – helps with motivation Know their learning profile – helps your efficiency if you choose the instructional strategy that matches best Know their level of readiness to learn – pre- assessments help set targets for growth

8 Sketches will be shared tomorrow
We understand it’s only a start We know it’s a work in progress We want to see how this week’s learning experience might impact your students You will turn in your plan tomorrow Handwritten sketch, or Electronic copy ed to

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